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    azusa 10" wheels

    Works very well on the red bike.
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    Hydraulic brake question

    This was my fix & it does the job well enough.
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    Hey kiddo, I just replied to your thread about the bike rebuild. Let me know if there are more...

    Hey kiddo, I just replied to your thread about the bike rebuild. Let me know if there are more questions & I'll help if I can. We're in Raton, NM, about 6 miles from the Colorado border off of I-25.
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    Help! First minibike rebuild

    For general riding, a torque converter is really a nice way to go. It's faster on starts, better in hills & will still let you ride at about 40 mph on the open roads. A clutch is good for long roads at WOT & long runs, but it's not quite as good as a TC for off-road stuff. One thing you will...
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    Doodlebug - Stretch

    It's 10:48 at this point, which ends up being 6,500 rpms @ 6,500' of elevation & the 15" rear tire for 60+ mph on a flat road. It pulls well to that speed, then maxes out trying to push the air out of the way. I'm losing about 20% of my hp with this thin air. It would run much better with...
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    Doodlebug - Stretch

    Outside, after a ride. It's running pretty well & the engine is breaking in now.
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    Doodlebug - Stretch

    I'm not sure, don't have marks to run it on on the pavement, but it's pulling well enough & runs up to 7,000 rpm's quickly now. It's a cheap motor the way it's built. To do better, I'd need to move more air through the motor; larger valves, carb, more compression & a taller cam would do it, but...
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    Doodlebug - Stretch

    Maxed out, here's what it does now at 6,500' of elevation, it's pretty thin air up here. This is with the 22mm Chikuni, CM grind Hemi .265" lift cam, shaved & ported head, header & 15" tire with a 4.8:1 final drive ratio.
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    Doodlebug - Stretch

    Got a new brake disc from Frank Franquez (F&B Racing) today & installed it. It's 1/8" stainless steel, perfect fit & nicely made easy swap. Also, the steering damper arrived early, so it's in place. Much stiffer steering now & tight with no slop at all!
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    Doodlebug - Stretch

    The bronze bushings arrived earlier today. They are 3/8" ID X 1/2" OD with a flange on one side, so it's a good fit. Here's how it went, had to drill them out to 10mm (they were 3/8" so a few hundredths too small) to get the bolt to fit, then put things back together & do a little touch-up with...
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    "Before and After" pics

    Before... After
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    Doodlebug - Stretch

    Took the steering apart & ordered some bushings to fix the wobble in the front end. Basically, they're 3/8" ID X 1/2" OD flange bushings from McMaster-Carr & I drilled out the holes to 1/2" so once they arrive, I'll put things back together & add the steering damper while I'm at it. Should be...
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    Doodlebug - Stretch

    Here's how it looks now, about done with the major stuff. Odds & ends are all that's left.
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    Doodlebug - Stretch

    Finally got the idle jets in from my order & started playing around with the mixture setup. Needed a #20 on the idle jet & had to drop to a 90 for the main jet (6,500'). This is a weird combination for me, compared to other setups I've done up here. I guess the carbs are all a bit different on...