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    A-1 Swap & Show

    Sorry I missed you. Didn't read your post until after my visit.
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    A-1 Swap & Show

    This ad was in a local advertising paper. I'm not affiliated with it, but feel Spreading the news might help keep it local. It would be great to see some members there :)
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    A-1 Swap & Show

    Hope this works ok. The attached pic should explain any questions.
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    2x2 drive

    TAURUS 2X2 MOTORCYCLE This thing looks great, light model is 103 lbs. heavy is 163 lbs. under $1000 can be taken apart foe easier handling not sure if it's street legal or not. Couple of movies online. Look for more at TAURUS 2X2 MOTORCYCLE
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    Wtb pacesetter ram parts;gas tank, seat, wiring,

    Just bought a trail ram. Some did a nice custom job on it, but I'd like to have the parts to restore it at some latter date. PM me if you can help. It would need 6 or 7 hp Tecumseh lit motor, wiring harness, headlight, taillight, etc. Thank you (pm is ok)
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    would like to find a pacemaker ram or buck

    Just trying to find one in or near MI. Need not be in mint condition, w/title would be great. Please pm me. Thank You
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    Trail flight 400

    Craig's list in Omaha looks like a great bike. Not mine, But at $200...?
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    Motor city minis 1st annual show and swap

    thanks for the pics! for those of us who didn't make it for one reason or another it helps to have someone who cares enough to share. thanks again
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    Herold Inc Super Bronc

    1eye thank you for the story and the pictures i enjoyed both.
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    Tote Gote Nova

    Thank you totegotes. Nice job. I like to see a bike that gets ridden.
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    New hobby

    you might try looking at the trail scooters. Tote gote, tule trooper etc. They can carry deer out with you lol. No matter which kind you end up with this is the place to lookup info or ask the membership. nice people
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    Tote Gote Nova

    totegotes was that comet used with the driven off the tote gote or did you need a new driven also??? thanks ahead of time :)
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    New Member with Tule Trooper / Cushman Questions....

    Interesting pictures hope somebody knows what they are. The top pic looks like you'd better not brake too hard
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    Clutch Longevity

    possibly you could go with less teeth on your driver sprocket. it would slow you down while maintaining rpm also it would be a good bit cheaper. (the sprocket on the motor or jackshaft)