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    Old Fat Guy's Maga Garage

    mb 200 is spoken for,
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    ~** Original "Arco" Alexander Reynolds Survivors **~

    yes we do, and you were going to come this october to get them. I can't wait another six months to have you put it off again. I'm trying to work with you but at some point we have to get to the part where we trade cash for bikes.
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    the last Mac's Minibike Yard Sale...Norwalk California 1-19-2019

    I don't want to hy jack someones thread for my stuff so pm me for the details
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    the last Mac's Minibike Yard Sale...Norwalk California 1-19-2019

    same here,I'm turning 60 now so it's time to grow up and let someone else play with the toys for a while. I'm looking to sell off some stuff too now.
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    ~** Original "Arco" Alexander Reynolds Survivors **~

    bonanza twins are still available ---mb200 and an mb250. plus I can have them delivered to winbar if you want them.
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    Old Fat Guy's Maga Garage

    there is a new option available. A member has offered to take bikes or engines and parts out to winbar when he goes for those that can't come all the way here. I will post some photos of stuff if it helps .
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    Old Fat Guy's Maga Garage

    Garage Sale, I am having a garage sale by appointment only. Everything is pickup only. I have complete bikes, a nice complete Arco roller. I have piles of engines for sale, boxes full of parts,NOS parts. have engines hs 40, hs 35. hs50 ,5hp briggs , 3hp briggs all kinds of lots of hard to...
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    Briggs 575 engine for sale from a bradly tractor

    I have a 5.3/4 hp Briggs for sale it's probably from the mid 50s . Ratty looking original gold paint but all complete and runs perfect. I think they used these on tote goats or something like it. Pick up only in Sussex NJ 100.00 bucks. First of the aluminium block engines.
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    ~** Original "Arco" Alexander Reynolds Survivors **~ any interest in this Arco Colt ? I also have a real nice and complete 1969 3600 roller . I might even consider with parting with the bonanza twins for the right price text to 973-896-5634. I don't carry the cell around...
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    What have I found here? Tecumseh h60 questions

    that's a big block Tecumseh, probably an h60 or h70. It has a ball bearing side cover and looks like a lighting coil too. That will make a nice engine for your bonanza but they are built more for power than high rpm. Nice score.
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    Sensation Go-Devil

    it's very similar to the Arco bikes too. Funny thing about mini bike values, the go devil ,the powerdyne and the Arcos are kind of rare because there aren't many out there but they don't seem to have the same value as the Rupp which they seemed to make thousands of. Basically they are all the...
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    zIggy played guitar. Rip

    he was one of rocks greats
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    tecumseh oil fill thread size?

    ebay has the caps for old tecumsehs 27625 Tecumseh Oil Plug Cap with Seal for Honda GX110 120 140 160 240 270 340 | eBay I don't know what the thread size is if you need a tap
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    TEC HS-40 compared to HS-50

    do the newer hs40s have a cast iron flywheel like the hs50 ?
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    Get well to my buddy ironhonkey

    oh man you sure don't look happy. You look like someone told you that you can't ride a minibike for a few months. feel better soon.