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    American Pickers passed on this!

    Thanks for making the post… I had heard about that episode but never actually seen it.
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    Got a Homemade 60's Fat Tire Bike

    Veery kook... wonder if Sperry Rand had anything to do with it. Looks like the rear tire they used on their trikes.
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    69 "Lil" Indian

    The gold on the decal may tie together nicely with the gold WestBend... The black and white would also be a nice combination. Tough call, either way you go it’s gonna look nice!
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    69 "Lil" Indian

    Nice combination… Small and powerful!
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    69 "Lil" Indian

    Very Nice… Looking forward to seeing the 820!
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    Montgomery Ward mini bike carburetor bolts

    First takeoff the manifold attached to the carb. Flip it over and it’s the Phillips head screws that are turning.
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    Mtd columbia drum band brake

    Big spacer on the sprocket side.Thin spacer (about the thickness of a flat washer) goes on the brake side.
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    Mtd columbia drum band brake

    Like mustangfrank said, extra person to hold everything in place when reinstalling the axle is helpful.
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    Happy Birthday Brown Boonie

    Happy birthday…and thanks to you and @clutchkiller2011 for the MTD wheel halves, exactly what I needed!
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    Mtd build ratrod

    Start looking at craigslist and FB marketplace to maybe locate the bike that was stolen.
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    Can anyone identify this engine? Salsbury maybe?

    I would say Wisconsin with perhaps a Salsbury clutch