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    MTD 361-650 front Shocks

    There is a really helpful YouTube video on rebuilding Sebac shocks. I don’t have the link but you should be able to find it.
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    Happy Birthday AJF.

    Happy birthday Aaron… Keep up the beautiful work you do on your projects!
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    Muskin Dune Cat fiberglass

    Not NOS but in nice solid condition. I bought them years ago from a vintage car guy who found them in a barn while buying car parts. Each need a little work to be perfect. I say pick up only because they are so large. Well worth a road trip for someone who needs them.
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    Powell colors ?

    Like Dave said, your bike is in great shape. You may wanna consider keeping it as is and then look for a different bike in bad shape to restore and paint blue.
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    Flat Kitty Build.

    Very nice and unique build… Love seeing the snowblower engine being re-purposed!
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    Happy Birthday Cheezy1

    Make sure you’re taking memory vitamins, we don’t want you to lose your vest Mini Bike knowledge! Just kidding, happy birthday!
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    Just came back from the beauty parlor.........ain't she pretty?

    Very nice! I always wondered about those, do they work with a standard Tecumseh recoil cup?
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    What exact of trail horse is this?

    Go back to that field and look for more...You don’t find them very often that complete!
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    The 70's was Old Skool Kool!

    Very Kool!!! First time I seen it, Thanks for making the post.
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    Cat Eliminator roller build with Endura parts

    15 3/4” Long, 1/8” Metal not really angle iron, more like custom bend. The side that the shocks mount to is 1 1/4”, side the seat mounts to 1”. I’m sure angle iron would work.
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    Clutch I.D

    Sure looks like one that I have. North American clutch Corp. before they became Noram
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    Ruttman long frame spyder

    Have fun and enjoy it, one of the classics!
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    Tecumseh Display Shelf

    Very cool, great fine!
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    Tecumseh HS50

    Sold… Thanks, OldMiniBikes