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  • Don't know if your still interested, but there's a Trapper for sale on the site right now. Listed by a new member. Hope all is well.


    Would you have a parts list for tri carts Or manuals available? Would purchase a copy of them! We have an early one with one piece handlebar and fuel tank molded in the body. And just got a later model with spilt bars and has plastic fuel tank under the seat. Front steering spindle and pegs are different also. Either of our had original engines. Would love to find a 230. We have a 252 and 295's and I've thought about trying one of them on it. Need a seat cover or two down the road also. Any info would be Great!

    I saw a few posts on the mini bike forum which prompted me to get in touch. Definitely interested in getting pics/details and working out a purchase. Thanks very much...Doug.
    Hi, despite me buying one yesterday, I'm still interested in the El Burro, Price? Details? Pics? Thanks...Doug.
    How much? Any pics? I just bought one an hour ago from "gumpit" LOL. I liked yours too. Can you deliver? Thanks...Doug.
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