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    19?? Bombardier Ski-Doo Olympique w/Ski-Boose

    Definitely 69-70. Any earlier the hood would bolt on, as opposed to the spring clamps that hold the rear down to the deck, and latches that it snaps into at the front. The "S" denoted stationary or movable headlight, one of ski-doo's first tricks was to hide the headlight in the hood, so it...
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    neat trike

    Gotta love the display of beer cans and bottles. Big slicks sticking right next to your hips looks real safe.
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    I Guess I Found Myself A Treasure

    I'll offer $59 for it. Where is it located?
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    T555 Need Diff. Axle...

    putting a clutch brake on a differential rear end is asking for disaster. they always come with axle brakes for a reason!
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    Owosso Trike - Picked up today

    South bend, Indiana. Too far for me, but $300 is definitely a steal, if its still there.
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    rupp ruppster

    The tires are balloon type, like what came on early scramblers, and some fat tire bikes. Rims are moulded right into tires, with a 3 lug mounting system.
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    Is this a vintage cart?

    Yep, snap it up for $40, vintage or not.
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    Awesome Vintage Mini No BS

    This guy watches TV, and knows the value of his vintage stuff. L@@K ///////////// Motorcycle Vintage Mini Bike L@@K ///////////// L@@K ///////////// Motorcycle Vintage Mini Bike L@@K ///////////// (Belding ) Date: 2010-01-05, 8:43AM EST Reply to...
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    Strange mini

    I am aware that you know what it is, my response was comedy wasted. There is a member here that believes that every mini ever built is a Broncco tx-4, and will go to any length to make himself heard.
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    Strange mini

    Its got those same rear wheel adjusters just like a broncco, are you absolutely sure its not a modified tx-4?
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    removing primer from fiberglass fenders

    Nope, take your time, and Acetone will clean everything off of Fiberglass. TAKE YOUR TIME!!!! Rushing will result in poor quality finish
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    Cool snowmobile/minibike

    Mystery solved. The Honda Cub was a model that had a "Snow" changeover kit, which allowed you to run a ski and track for propulsion. Made from '90-'94. More info here: Honda cub ez 9
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    Cool snowmobile/minibike

    they were probably built to compete with the Yamaha Sno Scoot, as there were other manufacturers shooting for the upright riding position (A&D Boivin). I think when I first looked at it I was thinking of the Chrysler single track mono ski dud that didn't work in more than 2 inches of loose snow.
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    Cool snowmobile/minibike

    there were probably only 75 of them made, they were built for the US market. In '72 the bottom dropped out of the industry, and 90% of the manufacturers bailed because of the gas embargo, and crazy prices got to .35$/gal. No more gas guzzling toys, because they were rationing gas. Only the...
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    Top Ten Mini's

    Trapper Trail Bike