alexander reynolds

  1. Acolytus

    Update on the three vintage mini bikes

    Well the guy with the three vintage rollers offered me a deal to get all three of them for $500. I'm defiantly going to buy them. Thanks guys for the help. Sorry if I ask too many questions I'm still learning about mini bikes.
  2. Acolytus

    Three Vintage Mini Bikes

    I came across a guy with three vintage mini bikes (same guy with the Tote Goat). He has a Bonanza chopper, Bronco, and a Alexander Reynolds mini bike. I really like the Alexander Reynolds one (far right). I need to know how easy they are to restore and how expensive they are to fix. Let me know...
  3. M

    Do you know what I have?

    I recently purchased this minibike. It has front and rear shocks and adjustable handlebars. It looks like some of the Alexander Reynolds pictures that are posted on this site, but the gas tank is in a different place. The frame does not have any numbers and it did not come with a motor. I am...