1. Sixpac440

    Anybody know about Combining OTA antennas?

    Most of my channels are south. One channel is 180 degrees from the others. I'm looking at adding a 2nd antenna facing North for the one channel. Anything I need to know?
  2. cpt.slow

    Minibikemotovlogs new youtube channel check it out

    I've created a youtube channel and I vlog and ride around towns d talk about mini bike stuff. Enjoy
  3. onebadslingshot

    Check Out Dave's YouTube Channel

    Hey guy`s here`s a pretty cool Youtube channel his name is Dave and he`s into building theme mini bikes.He built an awesome John deer bike and is in the process of doing a fire bike.Stop bye his channel he`s going to do a giveaway after he hit`s 1,000 sub`s (He`s at 998).His channel name is...
  4. SimpleTom

    Lambrecht Chevrolet auction on History Channel right now

    Really cool to see some of these cars with such low miles. Check it out. One of the hosts doesn't know anything about cars and gets a little annoying but it's cool seeing the cars themselves. I have a friend who is there with his brother ready to bid on a couple.
  5. Clayon

    Discovery Channel Chopper Build-off

    Well I watched Discovery's chopper build off last night, it was pretty good. Junior's bike won, and it was cool, but it was so damn big I think that it would be awkward to ride. :shrug: Senior came with a sport bike (what happened to a "chopper build off") the machine work that went into it was...
  6. redclayhd

    "Pass Time" on Speed Channel

    I watched "Pass Time" on Speed Channel this morning. I watch when I can and check to see if they are at a strip close by. They were at South GA Motorsports Park, 30 minutes from my house. Of course I watched to see if I saw anyone I know. Well, I saw a friend's son hit the wall and mess up his...