1. oseanc

    Open class "ka powell"

    Here is my entry. I consider this bike to be less then half finished.
  2. Quickdraw

    The "Hot Cheeto's"-Bonanza 1300-Open Class

    I'm redo'ing the mini that got me hooked. It's gonna be spicy! Gotta put her in the open class.
  3. J

    Jeffo's 1969 trailhorse GTO -vintage class

    Here is my submission for the build off. My dad bought the bike 25 years ago as just frame/handlebars and was supposed to build it for me. It never happened so now im bringing her to life. The colors are getting adjusted, and I plan on finding a 5hp Briggs and do my magic on it and add a cam...
  4. H

    Hoppy's "The WTF"-Open Class

    Well took my pictures just now. Here she is in her pride and glory. Far from being anything really and not sure where shes going but this is what im starting with. Let the build begin!:thumbsup:
  5. jesse8931

    msf class

    So I just passed with a perfect score and boy was it not easy :smile:
  6. K

    Small Engine Repair Class

    Started class in October and just passed the half way point. I know this is pretty basic stuff for a lot of you folks, but for the mechanically challenged like myself I am finding this informative and serving a purpose. Here are the topics covered to date, and tell me in a reply what you...
  7. jeep4me

    Lawn Mower Class Action Lawsuit

    Anybody else get a postcard in the mail regarding this class action law suit against most every mower and small engine manufacturer? I filled out the online form, who knows maybe I'll get a check for $35.
  8. C

    Billetproof Florida, Mini-Bike class

    Billetproof Florida - Feb 27, 2010 Alachua County Fairgrounds 2900 NE 39th Ave Gainesville, FL 32609 this weekend in Gainesville, FL. The largest traditional hot rod and custom show in the state, with a mini-bike class!!!! Vintage mini-bikes are welcomed. Here are some of the bikes...
  9. 8

    class 2 drugs

    I have a few friends that unfortunatly have gotten into some heavy drug use. Specifically oxycontin. They use them just about everyday. im worried about these kids because they used to be my closest freinds. Now if they dont have there fix they dont really want to do much. My question is, if...