1. FunWithStuff

    Original Cat HPE Muskin Decals for Clutch Cover/Chain Guard

    Not Mine. You almost never see these come up. They appear to be original, they even come with instructions on how to install them. I would assume this company that made them made other decals for HPE Muskin back then. If anyone was looking for original decals to use on their Cat, now's your...
  2. Cat HPE/Muskin Handlebars Decal

    Cat HPE/Muskin Handlebars Decal

  3. 20210514_171335.jpg


    Homemade vinyl decal at my kitchen cabinet.
  4. 20210514_170457.jpg


    Homemade vinyl decal. Vinyl cut with Aliexpress cutter.
  5. 20200524_195738.jpg


    Making and applying decals.
  6. 20200524_180108.jpg


    Making and applying decals.
  7. 20200524_175855.jpg


    Making and applying decals.
  8. 20200524_172918.jpg


    Making and applying decals.
  9. 20190518_105414.jpg


    Decal design
  10. gwoods27

    WTB - Manco TrailCat Front Fender and front fork plate decal

    Looking for a Front Fender for a (78' I think) Manco TrailCat. Ive got the Chrome Rear one. Also any Decals (Front Fork Plate, Fenders, etc...)
  11. D

    Alsport trisport new old stock phase lll decal set on ebay!!!!!

    New old stock set for sale on ebay! Very cool trike to own, be better with a new set of decals. These dont come up often!
  12. J

    Hornet (so says the decal) can anyone tell me more?

    Hello all, my first post here on this website. My father in law gifted this mini bike to my daughter last year. She rode it all summer and had a blast. Im now having a minor problem but thats another post. I would like to know the year of this bike and anything else worth knowing. Thanks to...
  13. R

    WTB Arco Alexander Reynolds decal

    Does anyone know where I can get the large Arco decal for the pull start cover it looks just like the one for the chain guard only larger I believe it's 5 inches
  14. creia

    Looking for Tecumseh decal

    I am in need of this decal for an engine we are restoring. That is a silver-colored background behind the Indian head. I bought a few of them a several years ago from a seller on Ebay, however I am unable to locate any for sale now. Does anyone have a source...
  15. S

    Looking for Grand Prix fork decal

    I'm wondering where I can buy a Taiwanese Grand Prix minibike square decal. Someone noted in the past that reproductions were being sold on Ebay but I haven't been able to find any. Thanks for your help.
  16. J

    anyone recognize this decal on the Bird???

    Found this (alum?) decal on the Bird frame while scrubbing the crud off in preparation for sandblasting. From what little i can see, i'm thinking that it might be some disclaimer. It's on the front of the motor mount plate. Good to know the original color too. Thanks for any help!!
  17. bikebudy

    Maverick head plate decal

    12.00 US each, shipped 2.00 US discount off each extra decal ordered.
  18. bikebudy

    BIRD decal set

    28.00 us shipped I also have ONE guard decal as a single , 6.00 US Shipped 2.00 US Discount on each extra decal ordered.
  19. bikebudy

    SACHS Engine decal set

    2 sets, 15.00 US Each set, shipped 2.00 US Discount on each decal ( Or Set ) ordered. Engine Photo is for Reference only
  20. bikebudy

    FLEXO Super Scrambler decal

    8.00 US each Shipped 2.00 US discount off each extra decal in your order.