1. J

    Rupp 68 TT500 69 Roadster Tecumseh exhaust 45 degree elbow

    I am looking for an original 45 degree exhaust elbow for an H50 Tecumseh from 68 or 69.:helpsmilie:
  2. Midyrman

    H50 Exhaust Connector Elbow Pipe and Support Bracket.

    Looking for the short elbow pipe that connects the block exhaust port to the long tube chrome exhaust pipe on a BC1400. Should I be looking at my local hardware store? Could also use the 2 piece bracket that supports the chrome exhaust pipe at the rear of the frame.
  3. N

    Coleman CT200U Mini Bike Header

    Thanks to OldMiniBikes Warehouse for the help in picking out a header that would work for the mini bike. I stopped by their store today to try and figure out a header that would fit the coleman bike, the BPHM header with screw in muffler was the closest fit. Though the muffler hit the back area of the...
  4. dw1973

    Skat Kitty Tecumseh H25 exhaust elbow

    Hard to find piece. $35 + ship from 49279.
  5. dw1973

    Skat Kitty elbow exhaust

    Real hard to find part as shown in great shape. $55 shipped from 49279.
  6. KustomKartKid

    WTB Westbend Right Angle Carb Elbow Tillitson

    just like the title says...looking for an old Westbend 820/610 Right Angle Carb Elbow to fit a Tillitson HL style carb...I think all the manifolds are the same. I know you can get one from Go-power or Rokon or whatever but I need an old gnarly looking one for a special project...:wink...
  7. sheetssha

    Fuel Elbow Replacement

    Hello, I bought a new carb for my HS50, but the 90 degree fuel elbow previously installed no longer fits, because the new carb has the recessed lines like the elbow had on the attachment to the fuel line. Any ideas where I can get one that would fit?