fox campus

  1. timberwolfsc

    Fox Campus

    Just picked up my first vintage mini. shes rough but should be fun to fix up. best i gather from reading over the site its around a '65 Fox Campus. still has the tag under the seat. other than the engine appears original (minus the home depot paint job) probably should have had a techumseh with...
  2. nightgrider

    Late 60s Fox Campus Restoration

    I've been kicking around doing more of a restoration on my late 60's Fox Campus mini bike. I originally passed on the idea, because nos or even used parts are almost nonexistent for the bike. And my bike is missing almost all its original parts beyond the wheels and the frame. From what other...
  3. fox campus with honda power

    fox campus with honda power

    this is after i swapped in a 5 hp Honda
  4. fox campus get a HONDA engine

    fox campus get a HONDA engine

    here is my fox campus just before I swap in a 5hp honda
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  6. nightgrider

    Fox Campus Trail Bike Build

    Recently purchased a Fox Campus, planning on building it into a nice little trail bike to putt around the yard and fields on. Here's a short run down of what I'm thinking: - 10 inch dirt bike wheels - CVT to the jackshaft - New seat - Honda CFR50F front fork - 8 inch mini ape hanger handlebars...
  7. CaptNugget

    Thinning the herd! Sears Roper, Rupp Scrambler, Fox Campus, Wards T555

    Hi thinking of thinning my herd. (Blasphemy, I know) partially because I'm a trike guy and don't need tons of mini's too haha Don't necessarily need to thin the herd but it could fund my other builds and/or upcoming vacation! Sears Roper- good frame and wheels, seat pad but no wood, engine...