jackshaft assembly

  1. Olivedrab

    Coleman CT200U MOD Questions.

    Hey guys. I just bought a used CT200U on craigslist, and the thing has ended up costing me some money. I paid $280, than I repainted it olive drab for $20, and bought new jackshaft bearings for $20(the old ones were broken and making awful screeching noises). My little bro was riding it Sunday...
  2. CaptNugget

    Wards T555 Jackshaft Replacement Questions..

    Hi..Starting to get started on my wards T555 Terrain Cycle project. I snapped the Jackshaft (couldnt resist throwing a motor on it when i got it) haha I have made a list of what i believe i need from OldMiniBikes Warehouse, would just like to double-check and see what info i can get as this is my first...