Coleman CT200U MOD Questions.


Hey guys. I just bought a used CT200U on craigslist, and the thing has ended up costing me some money. I paid $280, than I repainted it olive drab for $20, and bought new jackshaft bearings for $20(the old ones were broken and making awful screeching noises). My little bro was riding it Sunday, and the jackshaft bolt came off and I lost the little gear, the black bar, and the nut. The tensioner also broke (probably the reason the jackshaft came loose). So I started pricing things and the way I see it the most cost effective thing I could do is get a torque converter. I ordered a tav clone off amazon, and plan on installing it friday. My questions are, can I use the larger of the two jackshaft gears and get a little more speed? and can I install the clone torque converter without grinding or modding it? I know on the bajas you have to cut it, but this is a different bike. Also what do you guys think about these bikes? Are they any good?


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Torque converter will have a 5/8 shaft and the jackshaft will have a 16mm shaft so the gear would be loose on there. Also, the bigger gear is a b type sprocket and the sprocket for the TAV is a c type so the chain won't be lined up.


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I'll let someone else chime in on that. I have a Heat project bike but the motors not on it. Have the TAV as well...need to get that one done one of these days.
You should be able to get it all together without a lot of work. One rib on the back of the TAV needs to be ground down, unless you got a steel backplate TAV. Also, you might have to raise the engine a bit for the TAV to clear the framerail. Otherwise, bolt-in. Run the gear that comes with the TAV before deciding to change it.

The bike is an overgrown DB30, and it is the way they should have made the DB30 in the first place. I like em.


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i saw one at windber a few years ago...the torque a verter looks like irs a straight up swap, you might have to get metric fasteners though. if you swap to the larger sprocket you might need a longer chain