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  2. Hound dog 400 kickstand and foot peg.jpg

    Hound dog 400 kickstand and foot peg.jpg

    Hound dog 400
  3. J

    Wanted: Super Bronc Repop Kickstand

    Wanted: Super Bronc Repop Kickstand. I believe it is referred to as the blade style kickstand. Goes on a '71 VT7 Super Bronc. Any help is much appreciated.
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  5. Skat Kitty

    Skat Kitty

  6. Skat Kitty

    Skat Kitty

  7. danford1

    Wanted: Kickstand for a Wards 525

    I'm looking for a Kickstand for a Wards 525. It has the stock 6" wheels on it. What do you have and how much is it? Thanks Danford1
  8. chipper

    BIRD Kickstand

    Originally off an El Tigre but common to many 6" wheeled Bird /Sears / JC Penny mini bikes , $22 shipped !
  9. cattailhaas


    A friend of mine gave me this kickstand thinking it was for a bonanza, but when I compared it to the one from my bc 1300sh it is a little longer. The main mounting piece has the same shape and number on it. Maybe off the chopper model ? I also wonder if anyone has a picture of the ubolt bracket...
  10. capguncowboy

    Heathkit Hilltopper kickstand

    Mine came off somewhere in windber and i couldn't find it, so I need a replacement...
  11. capguncowboy

    69 Rupp kickstand and rear fender (nonjackshaft).

    I need them for my son's 69 Sprint. He has a fender right now but it's pretty rusty. Would like one with decent chrome to match the front. Chain cut out should be on the left side We also need a kickstand. I'm not too particular oon the condition since we can refurb it
  12. CarPlayLB

    Broncco kickstand

    I have a non suspended Broncco, I think its a Tx3 or Tx4 that I need a kickstand for. The bracket is different than anything I have seen before. The bracket is forward of the engine plate. Let me know what you have! I have a few items to trade including cash, Paypal, fresh squeezed orange juice...
  13. R

    Cheapie Homemade Kickstand

    I didn't want to put a $50 vintage kickstand on a $125 bike, that math doesn't work. I used an old piece of bar stock and a few bolts to make this. I need a friction washer but could only find this rubber one, which will work short term to hold it up.
  14. Woody212

    Overhaulin' Decor Kickstand

    After procrastinating what to do with the Decor 12501 on a Super 2 speed that I'm rebuilding, I decided to try and resurrect the mess of a kickstand. I disassembled, cleaned, straightened, removed what was left of the old zinc plating, and did a home zinc replate. Another vintage part saved from...
  15. K

    Wanted lil indian kickstand

    Looking to purchase a lil indian kickstand for the 4 inch wheel bike anyone have one for sale
  16. markus

    NOS 1960's FOX/GoKart kickstand campus others

    NOS still in the remains of the original bag #201-258, as a bonus I will throw in an original but used #201-260 mount bracket that the single downtube frames used. I only have parts listings for the Campus/go kart cycle/Wards Go cycle frames. but the frames in the 60's were setup pretty...
  17. gammatg

    Arctic Cat kickstand question regarding 10" tire bikes.

    Does anyone have a '72 Prowler or RamRod that could verify that the kickstand on the bottom is correct for 10" tire bikes? The one on the top is off of a 71 Prowler.
  18. jeep4me

    Very Small Kickstand

    Selling this little kickstand. From the top of the mounting bracket to the bottom of the stand measures just under 3". Works as it should. Asking $90 shipped. PayPal preferred, as a friend or include the fees. Thanks!!
  19. CarPlayLB

    GIGANTIC kickstand sale

    Here I have 5 kickstands for sale. The top two are $24.00 shipped lower 48 only, and the bottom three at 28.00 shipped lower 48 only. Starting from top, they are numbered 1-5. The top two...I have no idea what they were used on, but the bottom 3 are Atwood brand, with the curved base. The sale...
  20. Biffmini

    Super bronc kickstand

    Heald Super Bronc Kick Stand Vintage Minibike Vt-8 Vt-10 Old Mini Trail Bike | eBay