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  1. A

    Monster moto 80cc won’t continue running

    Hey all! Ive got a monster moto 80cc and whenever I pull start it, the engine won’t stay running. I’ve cleaned out the carburetor and I cleaned out the air filter, replaced gas, and replaced oil, yet I still see the same results. I can’t attach a video of the issue. Any help is appreciated!
  2. TDB

    New member // My build

    New member to the forum, and first time ever joining a forum! I debated joining for a while because I don't actually have an old mini bike *yet* (well I guess mine will be old someday), I just have a predator swapped Monster Moto. But this forum has helped me out in the past so I figured maybe I...

    Excited new guy

    I took me 30 plus years to finally get my first mini only took me 2 months to get my 2nd..
  4. D

    Monster Moto MMB80 with 212 Predator upgrade (I've got a bunch of questions)

    Hi All, I'm very new here as I'm not really involved much with mini bikes but I've found this site pretty helpful so far. My kids have a MMB80 that we just swapped out the stock engine for a Predator 212. The basic job went pretty smooth and the bike is up and running but I have a few...