1. Li'l Popeye

    "Norway" minibike

    Hey, Another minibike project from me for a Norway customer; a Norway themed mini bike. I came in contact with him through social media; he had seen some of my video's and asked if I could build something like it for him. That's when I told him that I was willing to sell him my "Herbie" mini...
  2. 20210129_163103.jpg


    Ready to rumble in Norway. (Made in Netherlands)
  3. 20210129_163044.jpg


    Norway mini bike finished. (Made in Netherlands)
  4. 20210129_163012.jpg


    Norway minibike finished. (Made in Netherlands)
  5. 20210128_180806.jpg


    New torque converter installed.
  6. 20210124_150740.jpg


    Checking engine, setting ignition timing, valve lash, changing oil, etc.
  7. 20210123_181007.jpg


  8. 20210123_142430.jpg


    This makes it easier to install tire on rim.
  9. 20210122_170400.jpg


  10. 20210121_230043.jpg


    Making and applying decals.
  11. 20210119_160057.jpg


    2-K spray can "traffic red"-high gloss
  12. 20210118_101838.jpg


    Primer spray can
  13. 20210108_172019.jpg


    "Herbie goes to Norway"
  14. Briggster

    2017 White Knickle Scramble!!!! June 24th Norway, Il

    It's official! The 2017 White Knuckle Scramble is scheduled for June 24th in Norway, Illinois. If you haven't attended this event, you're seriously missing out. I've been to a lot of minibike events from Wisconsin to Texas, and this is the best road race in the Midwest! If you need any more...
  15. J

    online stores with clone AND briggs flathead parts...?

    does it exist? I know OldMiniBikes has som flathead parts, but no camshafts, which is what im buing for the flathead. and cam, rod, and springs for gx clone. Since i live in Norway id like to by parts from on place and save on shipping. Thanx. Einar-A
  16. J

    New member from Norway with Benelli project

    Hi! So, just registered to this forum yesturday since I got my first mini bike! It's a Benelli Dynamo, and I can't find any information about this bike on any Norwegian sites. I'm looking for some parts, since it's a project. I don't even know if it's worth fixing yet, but I will go threw all...