1. RustyLions

    NJ Powder Coating Cost

    When you're in need of a professional powder coating expert, look no further than Rusty Lions. NJ residents call on us to complete their projects at affordable powder coating costs. We've been a fast and reliable provider of powder-coating solutions for more than 20 years now. We've helped...
  2. 20210129_163103.jpg


    Ready to rumble in Norway. (Made in Netherlands)
  3. 20210129_163044.jpg


    Norway mini bike finished. (Made in Netherlands)
  4. 20210129_163012.jpg


    Norway minibike finished. (Made in Netherlands)
  5. 20210128_180806.jpg


    New torque converter installed.
  6. 20210124_150740.jpg


    Checking engine, setting ignition timing, valve lash, changing oil, etc.
  7. 20210123_181007.jpg


  8. 20210123_142430.jpg


    This makes it easier to install tire on rim.
  9. 20210122_170400.jpg


  10. 20210121_230043.jpg


    Making and applying decals.
  11. 20210119_160057.jpg


    2-K spray can "traffic red"-high gloss
  12. 20210118_101838.jpg


    Primer spray can
  13. FunWithStuff

    How to Chrome?

    Hello. I have some fenders and handlebars on my mini bike that I am wanting to re-chrome. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this? I'm new to chroming things so I would like some advice going forward. From scant research that I have done it turns out chroming may be a little pricey and if...
  14. 20200523_145556.jpg


    Some parts painted black with 2-K can spray paint.
  15. C

    Need red spray paint for 1958 B&S engine.

    Is it possible to get a color of a 50's vintage? If not can you suggest something close? Thanks
  16. S

    tecumseh touchup paint

    I need some white touch up paint gloss white is to bright .....semi gloss?.......Kiltz primer?.....what works best thanks
  17. C

    Broncco TX1 Green paint

    Does anyone have a paint code number or something close to the original green color used on the TX1 ?
  18. C

    Broncco TX1 Green paint

    Does anyone have a paint code number or something close to the original green color used on the TX1 ?
  19. M

    Touch up paint color coleman?

    Hey everyone! I just got my Coleman CT200U on thursday! I love it! The front fork got a little scuffed up during shipping and is missing some paint. I was wondering what is the best red to match the coleman's paint? I googled "coleman red" but I mainly saw a wide range of vintage red colors...
  20. gammatg

    Wanted 71 Rupp swingarm and triple tree in original red paint

    I'm looking for a 71 Rupp 12" tire swingarm and triple tree. They must be in original Rupp red paint. I have other triple trees and swingarms, but need this color to finish putting a bike together. Thanks!