1. Cat R4001

    Cat R4001

  2. FunWithStuff

    Is This a Vintage Cat Mini Bike Seat?

    Hello! I'm thinking about purchasing a mini bike seat I recently came across that looks like the same ones used on Cat 400X, R4001, and Duster MX models. Is there anyone out there that can confirm whether this is a genuine Cat seat or not? I've included a photo of an R4001 and a Duster MX to...
  3. robs52s

    1972 Cat R4001 HPE Muskin

    For sale 1972 hpe Muskin Cat 4001. Haven't started it in a couple years, been sitting in my garage, ran great last time I ran it, carburetor will probably need to be cleaned since it hasn't ran in so long. Missing fenders and clutch cover, everything else is there. Asking $350 or best offer.
  4. smokinsmo

    Cat R4001

    Cat R4001 (as i was told) 5hp briggs that runs perfect I have never had an issue with this bike, it runs awesome and halls butt, I have a repo fiberglass clutch/chain guard i got from mac to throw in with it. Local pick up only in Monroe Ohio. $375
  5. B

    Cat R4001 Minibike

    I have a Cat Mini bike Model r4001. I needed to replace drum brake. I bought the 4 1/2" drum brake. It does not fit in the original sprocket hub. So I ordered the 4 1/2 sprocket hub. The mounting holes are to wide to bolt up on the original hub. What hub do I need to purchase to make my...
  6. 45t

    Cat 400X or R4001 handlebars needed

    I just picked up another Duster MX that has a rough set of handlebars. Its really the only part I cannot salvage on the bike. If someone out there has a decent set of handlebars from a Duster MX/400X Cat they would like to part with, I'm interested. Condition of chrome doesn't matter to me just...
  7. robs52s

    1971 Cat Frame R4001 hpe/muskin

    1971 Cat frame. great shape, see pictures. located in Oakley, Ca. 94561. $80.00 obo plus shipping.
  8. robs52s

    1972 Cat R4001 HPE/Muskin

    Putting up for sale my '72 Cat R4001. Tecumseh hs40 runs good, starts a little hard sometimes, will usually start on the 3rd or 4th pull. Pretty much all original. Had seat recovered recently at a friends upholstery shop. Does NOT come with the clutch cover shown in picture (need it for one of...
  9. Evilution

    My CAT R4001 Build

    I got this on trade for labor on a Harley. Literature says it should look like this: When I got mine, it looked like this: So, I put it on the lift (cause I'm fat, old, and spoiled), and started disassembly. The wheels, while not looking too bad, were an unbelievable chore. They...