1. Sixpac440

    Kuryakyn Lazer Spokes Review GL1500

    I looked and looked for reviews, pics, anything to give me an idea if these are worth the $100 price tag ... I found nothing so here is my partial review for those thinking about Kuryakyn Lazer Spokes. I bought the Ring of Fire and I like it .. the next step would be the Lazer Spokes ...
  2. BWL

    My boat review
  3. Sixpac440

    Chinese 49cc Dirt Bike Review with Pictures

    We bought our almost 7 year old Granddaughter Rylee this Free Shipping Kids 49cc 2 Stroke Gas Motor Dirt Mini Pocket Bike Green H DB50X | eBay ... we paid $369.95 delivered, not the $1,369.95 that is now listed at. (Typo)? They are listed under several names with slight variations. DB49A...
  4. Sixpac440

    Harbor Freight Motorcycle/Mini Bike lift ... Review ... ish ...

    I have had this since last year and it is very handy. I wont lift any corner of my Caddilac DeVille to change a tire. And it's sketchy at best when trying to lift my Goldwing but I'll be damned if it isn't perfect for getting a mini up in the air for maintenance! I have a short shop stool...
  5. turftech 1

    Before You Buy a Habor Freight Bench Vise

    Hi all, I know most of you, like me, have to watch your wallets. Hopefully, this review will help at least one of you save $69, or help one of you fix it the way I did. Notice the two separate item numbers for the same tool! Happy...

    DownsBros manual clutch Review Thread

    Very soon folks will be getting their clutches please feel to post your reviews and pictures of your projects using your DownsBros Racing Manual Clutch
  7. bikesandcars

    review of new comet 20 TC vs Rupp original (TC1)

    I upgraded the Rupp original Torque converter on my predator 212 Rupp Enduro last weekend. I replaced it with a 5/8" belt Comet 20 type from Before the swap I was annoyed that the engine wouldn't idle low enough to prevent the Rupp TC from engaging. The original TC was also...
  8. tundrabeagle3

    chinese tav2 review

    I am looking to get a tav2 for my mini bike and was interested in the chinese tav2s from ebay. I was wondering what your experience is with them and if they are any good. I am going to put it on a stretched cat with a predator 212 pushing about 12 hp. My mods include a 14 cc head, header, k&n...
  9. markus good review

    On saturday member Yankee-bears posted some info on a thread for a hilltopper TQ belt issue pertaining to the belt part number and that had them. I needed a belt for mine so I went ahead and checked out the site. There it was, listed well not just a random part number. Anyway...
  10. Bikerscum

    Add your review

    Check the reviews, FAQ's and customer images
  11. turftech 1

    Review of Eastwood MIG 175 Welder

    Hi all, Seems once a week there is a thread with someone asking about what welder to buy. I thought I would do up a quick review of the welder I bought. Check it out if you are looking at buying a mid-sized MIG. Review of Eastwwod Mig 175 MIG Welder - YouTube
  12. mini_buidt_009


    Cat slingshot review
  13. mini_buidt_008


    Cat slingshot review
  14. mini_buidt_003


    Alexander reynolds colt review holliday mini bike guide
  15. mini_buidt_002


    Alexander reynolds colt review holliday mini bike guide
  16. mini_buidt_001


    Powell challenger review mini bike guide holliday issue
  17. mini_buidt_


    Powell challenger review mini bike guide holliday issue
  18. mini_buidt_005


    Taco 100 review holiday mini bike guide
  19. mini_buidt_004


    Taco 100 review holiday mini bike guide
  20. ArcticMinibike

    Minibike Article - Muscle Car Review

    FYI - There's an article about minibike collecting in the October 2012 issue of Muscle Car Review that was just published. In addition to a nice overview of the minibike world, it mentions this forum as well as the Windber reunion and other shows. Check it out.