1. FunWithStuff

    What year is this Tecumseh H35? How do I read the serial number on it?

    I've recently acquired this Tecumseh H35 and was wondering what year it is. I know the serial number tells you the date on it but not sure how it's outlined on a Tecumseh. I appreciate any help I can receive. Thanks!
  2. 6

    Bonanza serial number badge

    What years of Bonanza mini bikes used the larger raised letter badge and what years used the smaller badge? Thanks.
  3. Fox SN

    Fox SN

    Fox Street Scamp - Before Pics
  4. S

    weird Taco 44 serial #

    I have a Taco 44 with the serial # on the engine plate top and bottom and does not have the usual date code the steering neck has been reinforced like a Zebra anyone seen these?
  5. O

    49cc Honda push rod engine unusual serial number

    Hi, I am new to the forum so thanks in advance for accepting me. I mainly collect and tinker with old cars now as my health has taken a turn and my wife tells me I am too old to ride anymore. I am building a small bike for my grandson and I picked up this Honda engine that I can not find...
  6. G

    NOS Hodaka "e" serial Bonanza chopper

    i have a New Old Stock hodaka "E" serial number off the shelf motor and a bonanza chopper mini bike fame. i have an extra set of handlebar/forks that are slightly bent and need to be straightend and rechromed. all the main parts are here except for the jackshaft and jackshaft mounts and the...
  7. Frank Davis

    Taco 22 serial number question, are there different types?

    A couple of weeks ago I posted a photo of a pair of Taco "22" mini bikes I purchased at a swap meet.....I am now started to look at these closely and found that the two have different types of serial numbers stamped on the frame......The first frame is stamped (large stamp) 8P2561 (Taco 22...
  8. blaqkout

    First Tote Gote: Model 610 serial 986

    I bought my first Tote Gote. Cost me $50. Not sure how good of deal that is based on what it is but it should be fun project for my son and I to work on. Here are some pictures of it. The last photo shows the accessory rack (not sure what that is) and the kick stand...
  9. Jimmy Gmz

    Serial / model #

    Can some tell me how to read the info on Manco thunderbird. I would like to know what year mine was built. Thanks.

    H50 serial tag needed Tecumseh

    Really need a old school or repop H50 shroud serial tag. Years ago someone repop these. Hoping someone tuck one away and has now decided to never use. Willing to pay. Please pm me
  11. O

    Powell serial #

    Can anyone point me in the right directions? I picked up a Powell yesterday and just curious to find out more about it. The serial number is: 1189-C
  12. will72rupp1

    i have a Bonanza bc1300 can i find out what year it is from the serial # ??

    i have a Bonanza bc1300 can i find out what year it is from the serial ? the last two numbers are 68.. would this be the year 1968?
  13. lowpro

    1969 Tec H35 Via Craftsman 143.604012, serial 9304

    For sale is an all original Craftsman snow blower engine that runs exceptional. I've cross referenced the part# and it is an H35 with cast iron liner. Snow blower has been in storage for 20 yrs. Compression is very good but I will test it and record the results as soon as I have a chance. I...
  14. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    Serial Number 1025 = 1963
  15. H

    Minibike serial # question

    I have an old rupp minibike. The serial number is 45162. Can anyone ID the year and model?
  16. capguncowboy

    Broncco Serial numbers

    A buddy of mine texted me a picture of a number stamped in the engine plate of his Broncco tonight. It was under a couple of layers of paint. What's interesting is that there are stars on either side of the number. At any rate, he asked if there was any rhyme or reasoning behind the serials...
  17. Txpete

    Gilson/Wards serial and model numbers. Help please

    OK guys. Got to my montgomery wards mini bike serial number tag today. Put pic. Of tag on my pics But here are the numbers please help me interpret them as to model od bike and year of build. The last layer of paint was medium yellow thanks Model. Gil 1 3 9 7 6 A. Serial 07 x...
  18. Txpete

    Montgomery wards mini bike serial number tracking

    Is there anyway to know the year of a Gilsonite or Montgomery wards imbibe by its serial number?
  19. John G.

    Speedway serial number

    Can anyone tell me where the heck they stamped the serial number on the 14" speedway bikes?
  20. Mhaug

    Wanted: Ruttman serial number plate.

    Looking for a serial number plate for my Ruttman. Not doing a "concourse" restoration, just a building a nice rider. If you have one you can part with, PM me or email This is what I'm looking for... (Guess where I swiped the pic from?)[ATTACH=CONFIG]7722