1. Jamie1972

    Sebac Shocks

    Rider quality Sebac shocks. Decent chrome decent paint. 20.00+12.95 shipping.
  2. Not so mini bike

    Db30 fenders

    2 rear and 1 front. 1 rear is good other paint is starting to bubble. Front is a little dinged up but over all good. $10 ea plus shipping. $25 us shipping for all 3.
  3. Scumbag

    BRIGGS 5HP Carb and Tank

    Carb $40 plus shipping Tank $30 plus shipping Both for $60 plus shipping (Comes off a motor that has not been very used) Carb/Tank was just working great a Del Mar flattrack, then it started idling a little hard(dust & dirt?), so i took it off to clean it. During the cleaning, swapped it...
  4. Not so mini bike

    Murray Track 2

    Murray Track 2 mini bike. 3.5hp tec runs good. Tires are in great shape. Needs neck bearings. $225 no shipping. Can deliver to winber if paid in full.
  5. Not so mini bike

    Powerdyne rail chopper

    Powerdyne rail chopper. Correct wheels and disk brake. Has custom seat. 6hp tec runs great. $350. No shipping. Can deliver to winber if paid in full
  6. Not so mini bike

    Hemi head

    Hemi head. Rockers no rods. Pretty clean. $35 plus shipping
  7. H

    RARE! Restorors Dream Rogue Mk IV

    Up for sale is this extremely rare and valuable Rogue Mark IV. This is not a Cheyenne Tomahawk, but an actual Rogue! Features the original Earles front end and shocks! Original handle bars sport money-making PATINA! It is not rust, but actual PATINA! The original red paint was...
  8. Iron Honky

    Bird duck roller

    Pretty sure this is a bird duck. Very nice roller. Straight as an arrow. No seat or shocks but I have the rear seat backet. Asking $80. No shipping unless you provide it. Can bring to windber with full payment.
  9. Iron Honky

    Cestad frame

    Not sure which Cestad it is. Decent shape. No rewelds, foot peg slightly bent. Asking $50 local only unless you can provide shipping.
  10. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh 1994 H50 New old stock in the box!

    Pretty sure it's a 1994, but It does'nt have any emission stickers so, 1984 groupies should be on board? 3/4 keyed, in the original box, and even attached to the original shipping plywood, with never a drop of oil or gas. At just a dollar a month storage, this beast comes out below 5 bills...
  11. P

    yamaha 125 3 wheeler engine, complete with cables etc

    a friend wanted me to list this, he was going to use on a go kart, but has no interest anymore, he wants 100 plus shipping, if interest I will go take some pics I am guessing it is early 1980's
  12. Iron Honky

    Long Cat kickstand

    Got a long Cat kickstand for sale. $45 plus $5 shipping. Pics in a couple minutes
  13. Scumbag

    (2) Briggs OEM exhaust

    (2) Briggs OEM exhaust ($10 each plus shipping) off my 5HP (Brand new / with bolts) $10 plus shipping off my 3.5 HP (brand new / no bolts) $10 plus shipping I have no use for this piece and will throw it in free if you want it...(brand new/ off the 3.5 HP)...
  14. R

    Collectors Dream Bike- Powell Challenger (E) all original Survivor Untouched

    Up for Sale is a very unique Mini bike to find in this Condition; 100 percent original Survivor untouched 1969 Powell Challenger Serial Number; 4533-E All original untouched parts ; Tecumseh engine. Front and rear Chrome fenders Original Brake and throttle controls Aluminum/Steel wheels...
  15. D

    hs60 tecumseh parts engine.

    This engine ran when tore down. Had excessive carbon build up on the piston. The bore is std and mint. Have all the parts. Good engine to reseal and run. Was a snow blower engine. $50 plus shipping from Grandville Michigan. Shipping will be usps. Can text or email photos.
  16. D

    3hp Briggs

    3hp orange briggs. Runs very well. New kart throttle on a diaphram carb. New carb gaskets and diaphram. Advanced flywheel key. Original muffler. No governor. Starts in 2 pulls. This is a very sound strong 3hp. Shipping from Michigan. It has a brand new hilliard clutch. This was on my son's Azusa...
  17. J

    Taco Frijole For Sale

    Time to clean the garage for new projects. Here is a Taco Frijole. It has a custom puck band brake on the jack shaft. I installed a new laser cut engine plate. The tires are NOS double Indian heads. The wheels have been burnish. Very nice.. It has been powder coated. There is very little...
  18. Jamie1972

    Bonanza Brotherhood Decal

    5.00+ Free Shipping.
  19. trinik7597

    tec block

    Tecumseh h50 lighting coil block has block,head,piston,rod,lifters,and cam . i am never going to do anything with it so $20 plus shipping :thumbsup:
  20. rayvel67

    Parts for sale

    Original bonanza chain guard. Has some dents.$100 + shipping NEW Carlisle Tires 5.30/4.50-6 $80.00 + Shipping rear Cat wheel(just the wheel no tire) $25.00+shipping Tecumseh Gas tank $12.00 Each+Shipping MTD Gas Tank $40+Shipping General 4"...