1. Venom headlight

    Venom headlight

  2. Venom low front led

    Venom low front led

  3. Venom rear

    Venom rear

  4. Venom low front

    Venom low front

  5. Venom rear dark

    Venom rear dark

  6. Venom shifter

    Venom shifter

  7. Venom rear right

    Venom rear right

  8. Venom original (eddie)

    Venom original (eddie)

  9. Venom mid build

    Venom mid build

  10. Venom finished right

    Venom finished right

  11. Venom finished front

    Venom finished front

  12. Venom finished right

    Venom finished right

  13. AboveUpNorth

    calling all Dunecycle Guru's / Dunecycle Spider?

    I happened upon an odd one. The fiberglass seat is different than others I've seen......it's wider.....like mantaray wings. The dip for the engine is odd looking. I think it's a / was a Dunecycle Spider? Front shocks are missing. I think the axle has been flipped around too, because all the...
  14. chipper

    Cattman Spider

    Not much to tell but wanted to share , I got the frame , handlebars and a handful of parts from not so mini last year on a trade . Well I've been having a set of Cat wheels laying around so I decided to use them , fresh silver metallic and wet black powdercoat made them look great and seem to be...
  15. Abit1322

    Ruttman spider forks

    Spider forks with springs. No springs OK too. Nothing fancy, just have to be able to clean them up. Rust is OK.
  16. ZR9B

    how not to kill a spider

  17. YOOP

    Spider car

    :cool2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJKDY4tc3-s&feature=youtu.be
  18. DBMonster85

    New ruttman score help with identification

    Picked this up today for a great deal. I'm sure it's a spider but I don't know the year. And it has a couple unusual things that I think were add ons. It's the red one in the picture.
  19. A


    I do have the rear wheels and I think what are the shocks to it. Engine does not turn over. Located in Moreno Valley,CA Asking $500 Pickup preferred but I will deliver upon seller/buyer agreement. Contact: Adam @ 909-841-8512 or Cyclesforyou@gmail.com
  20. boatguy

    Ruttman Spider

    Any Canadians want to take a drive? Check out Kijiji.ca--Ontario. There is a Ruttman Spider for sale with a larger engine and a spare 10HP motor. Looks like original seat--not sure if it has mags---$50.Lets see a 6hr drive one way--NO not today.