1. ugmold

    Heald SST Super Trike

    This looks pretty cool. (not mine) Extremely rare Heald SST Super Trike-w/Forward-Neutral-Reverse shifter
  2. Biffmini

    Gemini SST
  3. lostinbaja

    Heald SST Frame and parts.

    For Sale: Heald SST Frame, Baskets(2), Chrome Roll Bar, Motor Mount, Seat and Showa Shocks. The frame still has the O.E. paint, no dents, bends or non-factory welds. It's a great starting point for a project. I would rather not part it out or ship...
  4. K

    ISO SST Gemini manual and shifter return spring

    I am trying to track down an owners/parts manual. Also I am trying to find a shifter return spring or what it should look like so I can create one for my SST Gemini. Any info could help, thanks!!!
  5. K

    SST Gemini Petc**k

    Looking for an original SST Gemini Petc**k or information on what other replacement part I can use if I can not find an original. Thanks
  6. R

    Gemini SST Seat

    Gemini SST Seat - $30 plus shipping or free pick up. Seat pan is solid, seat is torn, foam is old and crumbly.
  7. M

    new member from Australia, '85 Z50R , 7? gemini sst 50 and '71 bombardier bantam

    Hey Guys, I'm Ben and i'm from Australia, a few years ago i restored a complied 1978 Z50J for my old Boss and after that i fell in love with monkey / mini bikes. last night while on facebook I saw the gemini for sale so messaged the seller, as it turns out he also had tthe other bikes so now...
  8. R

    ARTIC CAT MINI (BIKES) SST $650 for the LOT

    Arctic Cat Mini Bikes SST
  9. lostinbaja

    Need Some Heald SST Parts....

    I recently picked up a Heald SST 3 wheeler and it is missing all the rear axle components except the brake calipers. Is there anyone out there with the parts I need? Let me know. Thanks, Jerry...
  10. xr7gt

    Gemini SST pair

    I was looking online and found an ad for 2 SST for sale for $250. From the looks they appear to be 80cc The pic was bad and upside down. One is missing a tail light and the other has a flat and wont start. I have been searching but can't find much recent info. Not sure if I should get them...
  11. B

    Gemini SST 80

    I'm looking for a Ignition switch that mounts in the side cover in good condition.
  12. A

    Gemini SST 50CC Mini Bike

    Gemini SST mini-bike project. About 90-percent of the parts are there. A few a of the parts are very nice. Have one complete engine, and one basket case engine. All parts are boxed. Have parts manual and contact information for parts & information resources. This bike is vintage...2-Stroke...
  13. N

    Maverick sst, gemini

    I recently won bid for a maverick , the engine side covers are missing, does anyone know where i can find any both sides are missing, i can't finish a restore without them, i had a maverick as a kid, brings back a lot of memories
  14. C

    Sst project motor.

    Did some digging and found out from my local mower shop that my 2 stroke motor is 139 cc. Way cool. I thought it was only 60cc or so. I also found out the hard way that the throttle linkage is a little different than what I am accustomed to. My guess is that it is because it came off a...
  15. RuffRupp

    Mini Bike parts (SST)?

    I am in need of a few parts for my mini bike build. The only marking on the frame is a Taiwan stamp but no serial. The brake drum and tires say "SST" on them but I have no clue if I can even get SST parts any more. The parts I need are a rear sprocket/brake drum, tires (the old ones say they are...
  16. E

    Paint choice for a Gemini SST 80 paint project

    Hi, I just got a nice Gemini SST 80cc I am working on. It runs well and is in great condition, just needs a good paint job. Anyone know the paint codes or color names on the original Gemini minibikes. Mine is green. Also do you have preferences for particular paints that are durable and...
  17. Heald Super Tryke SST 1021R

    Heald Super Tryke SST 1021R

    Heald Super Tryke SST 1021R
  18. Heald Super Tryke SST 1021R

    Heald Super Tryke SST 1021R

    Heald Super Tryke SST 1921R
  19. Heald Super Tryke SST 1021R

    Heald Super Tryke SST 1021R

    Haeld Super Tryke SST 1021R