1. zultan32

    Hello from Germany

    Hi There, My name is Till, and I'm a big Zundapp fan from Germany. I have a lot of German Zundapp Bikes, and also a bike with Zundapp engine from Spain and a bike with Zundapp engine from Portugal. In the future I will also get a bike with Zundapp engine from Sweden. Beside Zundapp, I...
  2. 1963Steens_oil


    Steen's advertisement
  3. burrito


    Burrito P478
  4. burrito


    Burrito P478
  5. burrito


    Burrito P478
  6. Mac

    Steen's Stuff from Estate Sale.

    Went to check out some minibike stuff at an early showing of an Estate Sale today and walked away with a few parts: Early Taco & Frijole stuff (Some Repop). Paid $400 Here's what they want me to restore for them: Two 1968 Taco 44's. Weren't for sale. This was there too, but...
  7. Steen's Timberline

    Steen's Timberline

  8. M

    Steen's Timberline

    I just picked up a Steen's Timberline minus engine, trans. and correct rear wheel with both sprockets.Looking for the 2 speed transmission and rear wheel with the dual sprockets. All of the aluminum suspension components are in place,along with both scrub brakes and the foot pedal for the rear...
  9. Mac

    Steen's Burrito SoCal Pickup

    .....Almost ready to ride. May be ready by the time you bring me money: . $350.00 in my hand, at my home. . ........Just added a fiberglass cover, good used Max-Torque,new chain, and a fabricated kickstand. Same price. . ........I'm not as dumb as I look, I know you guys are...
  10. Mac

    Steen's Burrito Frame (Bolt together Taco22)

    Here I have a Steen's Burrito rolling minibike frame. I'll be removing the 2hp Briggs, and selling only the frame and wheels. Not in the picture, but also included is the original front rim. Forks are from about a 1969 Steen's minibike. Original footpegs are gone. Four extra slots in engine...
  11. Mac

    Junk Steen's Frijole Frame

    First of all.....This is a local SoCal pick up ONLY. This is the second worst Steen's Frijole frame I've ever owned, and now it could be yours for the sum of $80.00 with or without the junk wheelbarrow wheels. The Front fork is destroyed, but repairable (If you're as talented as...
  12. 1stlegendtx

    Steen's Timberline

    Does anyone one here have one of these?

    Mocked up the Steen's American Eagle

    Without any brochure ads to go off of, I figured that the most likely wheel would have to be what was on the taco 22 for this year, which is the Late Taco wheels with the "nub" in the spokes. I verified wheel size as being 5" by using a Taco 22 scrub brake I had already and looking at it's...
  14. BriggsJole


    A picture of a Steen's Frijole style frame we made, stretched and raised to fit a Briggs 5hp.
  15. FrijoleWannabe


    Wants to be known as a Frijole someday.