1. LilJimmy

    Anyone Selling Indian 400 or 500 Thxzzzz

    Looking to buy Indian 400 or 500 mini ...preferred complete.. Thxzzzz
  2. CarPlayLB

    WTB: Manco Streaker roller or complete

    Anyone have a Manco Streaker. Would prefer a roller, but will entertain what ya got? Send me a PM if you have anything
  3. manchester1

    WTB tecumseh dog leg muffler

    Help please. I need a dog leg muffler for my H30. I think they are the same as HS40 and H35. I have 3 of them but the angel is wrong. I need it to exit the top part of the engine. You can see the muffler I have on the engine is going the wrong way. I have cash, paypal or can trade for one...

    WTB Bonanza BC-1300 forks

    Picked up a Bonanza BC-1300 for my 2018 build off project. Its missing the forks. Just trying to get ahead of the curve and hope someone will take a little pity on me and help me find an original set of forks. I need a few other pieces but the forks are priority. Any and all help is very...
  5. B

    WTB handlebars and risers

    Looking for a set of risers and handlebars, chrome would be nice 12'' high but let me know what ya have. Thanks bryce
  6. PacMule

    WTB Doodle Bug 1st generation

    Looking to buy local as a roller or with the little engine it comes with.
  7. B

    WTB suspension Trailhorse frame

    Figured I'd see if any one out there has a suspension Trailhorse frame..I have 2 non suspension frame I was going to try and convert
  8. B

    Wtb Trailhorse jackshaft plates

    I'm looking for a set for jackshaft plates if anyone has a spare set. Thanks
  9. O

    WTB: DB30 rear wheel

    Hi all, I picked up a rough stretched DB30 basket case as my first mini bike project. It is only a frame. Looking for a disk brake rear wheel assembly before I just go ahead and convert it to 1" live axle. Thanks!
  10. M

    WTB Manco 5" wheels

    looking for 5" manco wheels.
  11. manchester1

    WTB Magura grip

    Wanted: A Magura grip like pictured for the throttle side. Decent condition. Thank you.
  12. H

    Wtb Orginal Bonanza chain guard

    Orginal Chrome chain guard. Bonanza ....412-277-5803. Mark
  13. james ackerman

    Wtb trail horse fenders or fitable fenders.

    Looking for a set of fenders for a trail horse any condition ok as long as they are not roaches, or if anyone knows of a fenders that will mount up to the brackets for the fenders.
  14. B

    WTB: H35 Teceumseh from 1973

    Looking for a complete and running 1973 H35 Tecumseh engine. Has to be off a mini bike. Thanks.
  15. Midyrman

    WTB: Bonanza Headlight

    Looking for a complete Bonanza headlamp for BC model. Thanks.
  16. hubie1320

    WTB Early 60's Bug Flea

    WTB - Early 60's Bug Flea project. Prefer just a roller or frame. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  17. drenchedgremlin

    WTB Taco 22 project

    I had 2 taco 22s about 6 years ago. I was trying to restore them but i didnt have the time, I sold them which is a huge regret i have. I got really lucky to find 2 tacos on craigslist for a really good deal, i highly doubt that will happen again. So I am now looking for a taco 22, May be a long...
  18. Ajf

    Wtb: rupp tc cover 71 up

    Wtb an original rupp tc cover for 71 and up.
  19. B

    WTB: Clean Tecumseh engines.

    Looking for complete running: 1973 H35 Tecumseh engine 1969/70 HS40 with center fill tank. Engines need to have the original ID tags and must be for a mini bike. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Greg BBT
  20. S

    WTB 2 Stroke Engine

    Looking to buy a 125 or 250 2 stroke engine with a gearbox. Let me know!