1968/1969 Rupp rear shock numbers

Looking for the original 68/69 Rupp rear shock upper and lower Sebac shock mount numbers. Specifically the frame upper and lower cast mounts,
OK.. I have the identifiers figured out. Just need to ask what the original center eye to eye length would be. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Joe51


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11.5" center to center on the eyes, slightly shorter than the single dustcover/smaller spring models 11.75" typically

Here is a set fresh off a 1968 TT500 next to an open dustcover/smaller spring version.

I have seen them 3 ways on the 1968/69 Rupps. I think the oldest version is the fat bottom/foot top lollipop with thin upper cup, the lollipop head has more prominent rib around it, and has the "made in italy" around one side. the other is the typical lollipop/foot that crosses with the smaller spring models, but uses a cup that matches the lower cup, I have seen them with and without the "made in italy" stamping on the foot.


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Thank you! This is exactly what I needed.
No problem, I am currently fighting with major chain rash repairs on 2 sets for someone that is 1968 Rupp crazy and the set pictured above (I took a shot of the good side) just came in with a complete TT500 I am going to do some work to for another guy....its all buggered up too :doah: harder to find the shorter bottoms so I gotta fix them instead of swapping out.

Also watch out as there is a Taiwanese copy of these that is a near exact match. Not sure who used them but I got a pair last year in shock bundle. They are unmarked and when you try to take them apart you will find they use a larger nut to hold the stem on inside the shock

Sebac in the center, Taiwan on the outsides (note they are bent.....and cracked when trying to straigthen unfortunatly as they would have made great replacements)

upper lollipop
Great info.. I actually have 3 sets of the lower tubes, ( Sebac originals). Only one tube with some chain rash. Uses the 7/16" inner hex nut.
What I don't have are the lower, what looks like, rubber seal for the tube below the spring cup. I cannot remember when I took them apart but I thought one set was 69 Rupp that did not have the seal below the cup. Maybe not original to the bike but they do measure out to the 11.5 CTC indicated. Getting ready to restore them. Appreciate very much the info!


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any of the ones that have the upper and lower dustcovers under the spring had or should have the rubber dust seal as well under the cup. I may have spares that are still pretty decent, I'll pm you in a day or two with what I have. I am trying to button up and ship out some of the sets I am working on by the end of this week and have sebac parts strewn everywhere right now :doah: