1. P

    Rear shock questions

    The rear shock/springs I used in my build off bike seem to be extremely stiff....ass rattling stiff. I have no idea what make or rating they have, but the spring wire is .300" in diameter, and I can't compress them more than about 1/2" even when I jump on it. I've been looking at replacements...

    Mono shock knowledge needed

    Looking for input on a mono shock. I have looked and looked for a pair of shocks that would fit on my Warrior but I just cant find what I want. I got to thinking about just using a Mono Shock type setup. I am not going to use any type of linkage as I don't need more than 3 inches of travel at...
  3. R

    Disassembly of Ceriani Hydraulic Shock

    This post is about how I disassembled some Ceriani hydraulic shocks. The article on the Steens webpage by Mac is about the disassembly of the non-hydraulic Ceriani shocks which shared the same Taco H-032 part number as the hydraulic shocks, but were a different model. In his article Mac says it...
  4. Valocalrep

    5 inch shock

    Anyone selling a 4 or 5 inch eat shock or have a old one laying around they would be willing to part with for cheap?
  5. W

    shock slection

    Hi There I am finishing up a restoration on a Bonanza Hodaka BC 1500. I have the original rear shocks but they are in poor shape. What replacement shocks would you folks suggest? I weight 180 lbs. Thanks
  6. J

    1968/1969 Rupp rear shock numbers

    Hello, Looking for the original 68/69 Rupp rear shock upper and lower Sebac shock mount numbers. Specifically the frame upper and lower cast mounts, Regards, Joe51
  7. K

    Baja MB200 shock absorber Dust Covers

    Hi! I am on my 4th and 5th Rebuild I was lucky in my first 2 rebuilds I did not need to replace (just the inside seals) . I am in dire need of the the hard rubber dust covers that slips on the lower shock absorbers. Anyone know where I can get these? I have ordered 3 sets online...
  8. mini one

    Adjustable hydraulic Shock Source ?

    I've got a message in to OldMiniBikes since I don't see any listed online, which is where I would go first, unless anyone has a pair or could shed some light on some ATV/pit bike/MX/Fox etc ones that would be usable on a Mini bike? (12"-14" or so?) Thanks for any help, PS I know they are way more $ than...
  9. Midyrman

    Wanted: Bonanza MX Front Lower outer shock tubes

    Looking for a pair of the approx. 1.25 inch bottom outer shock tubes for an MX. Thanks. Tom
  10. B

    Arco front shock springs???

    Looking to replace the fork springs on the Arco I'm doing and can't seem to find the right size. Does anyone have a lead to where I can frame me them? Thanks and happy thanksgiving
  11. Outlaw Ace

    Arco EZ Rider seat shocks with seat pivot and seat to shock bracket.

    Will not separate, shocks work fine brackets in good shape. If you have a suspended Arco that has been pillaged this is what you need to correctly mount the seat. PM me for pics or Ill post em in 7 days per the rules should the items linger. $100 shipped for everything.
  12. Taco Loco Joe

    Bonanza BC1500SH Shock Springs

    Have any Bonanza BC1500SH enthusiasts out there replaced the inner and outer springs on the rear shocks. One of my shocks was frozen. After soaking in Evaporust and a little heat the shock came apart. Unfortunately the inner spring was rusted, busted and now I'm disgusted!:cursing: I'm sure...
  13. Ruppelstiltskin

    Rupp shock rebuild?

    So I'm tinkering on my newly acquired Rupp (Hustler most likely). Trying to search or figure out what I can without making too many postings. Couldn't find any info. So I know very little about these rear shocks. I noticed that one is taut and straight. The other is slightly loose with the...
  14. ss396conv

    WTB Taco Shock Parts

    I need an upper Taco 100 (Ceriani) shock upper housing. I am willing to buy the entire shock or just parts....Thanks
  15. C

    Rupp Roadster2 shock bushings?

    I can buy a whole complete new set for around $45.00 shipped....has anybody found a cheaper idea....I thought about taking industrial rubber hose and cut small pieces? some kind of rubber bushing from a hardware store?
  16. markus

    Rupp continental optional shock covers?

    I had noticed some time ago in the continental parts listings they show part number 11592 "rubber shock cover" in the miscellaneous sections Just recently ended on ebay was a par of continental shocks with some boots on them, I was wondering if anyone knows if these were in fact the optional...
  17. Woody212

    Sebac shock early 12" with tapered tube or parts

    I need one usable/buildable shock. I managed break the lower eye while trying to save the tube rebuilding one shock. I need a match or parts please. I may consider a pair if reasonable. Woody
  18. james ackerman

    Sebac shock rubber mount bushing.

    Does any one have or know where to buy replacement rubber grommets for Sebac 12 inch shocks?
  19. ludicrous speed

    need a single Shock Spring OR a set of springs.

    on phase 2 of the mockup build for my kiddos bike. its a mutt,please dont hate too much,it was rough when we got it. am in need of 2 springs to replace the front springs,as these are shot. have one shock,seems to be from a go cart? need one more. as im gonna have to take apart the shock...
  20. Roadster 2 Shock Rebuild

    Roadster 2 Shock Rebuild

    Rupp Roadster 2 restoration. The shocks were in bad shape, but are better now.