1970 Power Dyne project.


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Powerdyne semi chopper mine bike, they were located in Pawtucket Rhode Island. Front & rear suspension. Original 6" wheels. Someone put a scrub brake setup on it no doubt when the rear caliper went south or disintegrated. Looks like a Tecumseh 3 1/2 side popper on it now off whatever which obviously needs work..

I have seen this model before over the years not being all that far from RI but not with that strange frame mounted tank setup.. What looks like the tank is actually a vinyl plastic cover over a round cylindrical tank. The Power-dyne sticker is on the front of the tank. Seat is in pretty good shape and that is a white hold on strap across it not a tear or tape. A cool crusty project.

$225 cash, no shipping, local pickup only. Always up for trades on older strange stuff or pre 1953 Indian motorcycle parts.

Please PM with contact information or any questions..