mini bike

  1. Altexs

    Project 225cc (With Photos)

    Not many mini bike shows or places to take them out around my area so I am just showing off my project over the last year and half and wanting to get some feed back from people. This is my first mini bike altho wanting one since I was about 5 years old. I enjoy tinkering around with them in my...
  2. T

    Old Speedway? Or what?

    I just got this last night. The guy I got it from said he received it in the condition you see in the pictures. It kind of looks like an old Speedway to me. I had one years ago and this one has a few similarities. The forks, spine, the seat pan (what's left of it), and the swing arm. The bike...
  3. jbonez

    Mini Bike Frame

    Hey Guys, Seeing if anyone in the Metro Detroit area has a mini bike frame for sale, wanting to build one from the ground up so just looking for the frame only. Looking for one in the style of the Coleman CT200U-EX.
  4. S

    Gear Ratio

    Hello everyone I’m new to the forum and still kinda a rookie on mini bikes lol, I have some knowledge just not too much. I put a doodlebug db30RR with a stock cylinder head 212cc predator together and it runs perfect it has a vm22 Mikuni clone carb and it has arc billet aluminum fly wheel and...
  5. RossRupp

    Mini Bike Lot for Sale in NY - Check it out!

    Hey Folks, up for sale is a mini bike lot with some vintage frames, engines and parts. I have included a few pocket bike frames as parts to make space but trying to sell everything as a whole. For reference, I am located in Plainview 11803 and I crossposted this to Facebook and Craigslist. I...
  6. C

    Coleman sport 2.40 (attex) parts/help needed

    Hello, my name is Casey, 24, and I’m looking for information on recoil/pull starts and if anyone has seen a pair of handlebars I can inquire about. I’ve broke mine about 2-3 times now and I’m struggling to find new parts/info on replacement. These are one of a kind ears/leafs on them, and I have...
  7. Kevinroth1996

    Issues with juggernaut/torquezilla “nut”

    So does anyone know what the center fastener is called on the juggernaut & where I can get one? I got one for dirt cheap from someone because the spider is broke in it. I have a couple extra to replace it. Problem I’m having is the previous owner destroyed the center piece so a bit isn’t...
  8. Jblack0884

    Trailmaster mb200

    I have a trailmaster mb200 I posted something on here earlier got one response so I'm going to put everything on this response my bike hesitates and it seems to make a whistling sound and it hesitates like lacks power I noticed that the chain is loose so I know that's one possibility but the...
  9. Jblack0884

    Trailmaster mb 200

    My trailmaster mb200 jerks sometimes what could it be or sound like thanks
  10. joe_dirt

    motovox mbx10 i need street tires to fit stock wheels any ideas?

    i need wheels like these anyone have the brand for them?

    Powell Challenger B frame

    Bringing this one back to life. Any information or parts insight would be super helpful.
  12. A


    Does anyone know what mini bike this is??? I want to find an original picture so I can put it back together. It has some odd front shocks, I think it might have a crossover for the chain. It has a spot for a headlight and I think a tail light.
  13. FunWithStuff

    Cat 300SS Clutch Cover/Chain Guard

    I'm looking for a Cat 300SS clutch cover. Preferably one that has a decal on it since they are not being re-popped. I've included a photo of what the cover looks like. Condition of the chrome does not matter I would just like the cover to be all in one piece without any big holes or dents in it...
  14. HPE/Muskin Cat 1974 Catalog (with R3507 Slingshot)

    HPE/Muskin Cat 1974 Catalog (with R3507 Slingshot)

  15. HPE/Muskin Cat 1974 Lineup

    HPE/Muskin Cat 1974 Lineup

  16. JCPenney Ad with Duster MX

    JCPenney Ad with Duster MX

  17. Cat 250x, All American Slingshot, & Unknown Model (Either R4003, R4004, or similar)

    Cat 250x, All American Slingshot, & Unknown Model (Either R4003, R4004, or similar)

  18. Cat R3509 (Wildcat), R4017 (Endura), R5003 (Hustler MX)

    Cat R3509 (Wildcat), R4017 (Endura), R5003 (Hustler MX)

  19. Cat R4015 (Endura MX)

    Cat R4015 (Endura MX)

  20. Cat R4010

    Cat R4010