2006 DRZ400SM and 1999 Yamaha R1 Street Fighter

I know it's a long shot putting these on here, but both bikes are at a price where shipping doesn't kill the deal (especially with the R1). I'm trying to free up garage space since I'm looking to pick up a W211 E63 AMG sooner than later and don't want to leave it outside. I also rarely ride anymore.

Both bikes are located in Martinez, CA (SF Bay Area)

Click the CL links for more pics (I'm not going to post 20+ pics in this thread so I'm ignoring that rule). The prices on both are firm. Cash/cashiers check only. No trades.

Email is the best way to reach me: fiveohatch at gmail dot com.

I'll throw a $50 donation to the site for each bike if they sell here.

2006 DRZ400SM - $3000

- Clean title in hand, runs/rides well
- 32,428 miles (don't be scared, it still has a lot of miles left in it)
- FCR 39mm carb, full M4 exhaust, DRZ400E cams (same as stage 1 Hot Cams)
- New tires with less than 400 miles on them
- Big Clarke tank
- Bunch of small mods
- Comes with a full set of extra plastics, the stock tank, stock exhaust, Hot Cams shim kit ($80 that no one wants to spend), aluminum hand guards, NIB chain and a bunch of small parts.

The bad (full disclosure):

- It's been down and used off road (according to the PO). The left fork stop on the triple broke in a crash. The PO had the bike checked out after that crash and the shop said it was fine. They missed that little bit.
- Radiator fan doesn't work. $70 for a used one on Ebay. Not a big deal as long as you're moving and not sitting.
- The left side engine plug is stripped (at the allen head) and leaks a little bit when the bike sits for awhile.
- The rear brake rotor is done. I have a used one in good shape for it though.
- The plastics on it are very scratched up.
- The bike is dirty. I'll clean it up some if I have time.

2006 Suzuki DRZ400SM - Full exhaust - FCR39 Carb - Cams

1999 Yamaha R1 Street Fighter - $2,200

This is not your typical thrown together street fighter. A friend of mine built it up and did a very nice job. He used it as a commuter and for terrorizing the local back roads. I bought it off him because he was moving out of state and couldn't take it. My roommate was going to buy it off me after finishing a project but decided he needs the money instead. I'm just looking to get my money back out of it since I have no interest in keeping the bike. I'm cramped on it and have no need for a 150hp bike.

Clean title in hand
Runs/rides well
34,142 miles

- S20 Evo tires (the rear will need replacing soon)
- Protaper bars
- Lots of custom one off stuff
- SpeedoHealer
- EXUP delete circuit
- Dynojet jet kit
- Factory Pro Velocity stacks
- Racetech suspension - 175lb rider
- EBC pads
- SS front/rear brake lines
- Barnett clutch conversion
- Frame is in good condition
- No leaks
- Comes with a bin of extra parts (I'm not even sure what's in it)
- Left rear turn signal is held together with tape. I have a set of 4 new ones I can throw in with it if you want.
- It's got a rattle can paint job. It looks decent from 10', but you can tell up close.

1999 Yamaha R1 Street Fighter

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