1. Fox SN

    Fox SN

    Fox Street Scamp - Before Pics
  2. Street Scamp

    Street Scamp

    Bike - Before pics
  3. Aircooled

    street tires

    Hi guys, I have a question regarding tire size and tread. My Motovox has the usual standard off-road(tread) type tires...145/70-6, what size would a normal street tread tire be? I would eventually like to swap them out for a normal street tire. Thank you!
  4. M

    Looking for best street tires for my Baja 200. 19x7-8

    I have two Baja's. One is my beater i ride off road. The other i an making a little nicer for my wife to ride around the neighborhood. She will never go off road. Suggestions on good tires for riding residential streets. Thanks for the input from a semi-newbie. Matt
  5. L

    Tri'Sport Street Legal Body for sale

    I have a few tri-sport bodies for sale. Asking 175.00 or 300.00 for 2. They are new in good condition . Also looking for SL frames. Send text for pics
  6. Raskin

    CT200u street ride

    ..street ride took few weeks ago..stock gx200 clone.. shorty hot dog muffler,air filter.. governor removed,inverted 10t clutch 68t rear sprocket.tablet used on belly a bit choppy..Thanks for watching :smile:[/url]. Unwatchable on tablet it seems...
  7. E

    New here... Street legal Coleman 200

    Figured I'd join up, seeing as I need some advise anyways. Picked up a coleman 200 from walmart on black friday for $400, ok price for what it is... I basically got it for LEO use while working at the bigger events, shows and races, where a golf cart just doesn't fit through man gates or...
  8. Raskin

    street legal mini..comfy seat?
  9. Sixpac440

    Riding my street legal mini bikes in other States, can I?

    I live in Michigan. I have 2 1970 Heathkit Hilltoppers that are legally registered as mopeds in Michigan. Can I take them on Vacation and ride them legally in North Carolina and Tennessee? Kevin
  10. Fox minibike

    Fox minibike

  11. we4amigos

    Street Legal BGW TriRod in Ohio

    Kinda rare bird looks to be a solid start ,,but pretty pricey IMO Rare early 70's trike
  12. pomfish

    Gives new meaning to the term Street & Strip SFW

    GMC custom party bus with stripper pole
  13. U

    Found this "mini bike street signs" ad on Craigslist

    Just wanted to share this Craigslist ad that I came across on Craigslist. This guy has "mini bike street signs" Mini Bike Street Signs, LIL Indian, Harrison, Rupp, Ruttman, Speedway
  14. ole4

    looking for a fox street scamp tailight.

    looking for a fox street scamp tailight. I think it is a Nu-Ray taillamp and the attachment points are vertical. Here is a shot of where it mounts.
  15. Sixpac440

    Quick video of Minis on the street ...

    Had a huge car show in town this weekend. A few of us got the minis out and rode a mile or so in traffic. We were passed by Local and County Police .. they didn't seem to mind tho after we parked we were asked to keep them off the road ... all in all it was AWESOME...
  16. Strigoi

    2006 DRZ400SM and 1999 Yamaha R1 Street Fighter

    I know it's a long shot putting these on here, but both bikes are at a price where shipping doesn't kill the deal (especially with the R1). I'm trying to free up garage space since I'm looking to pick up a W211 E63 AMG sooner than later and don't want to leave it outside. I also rarely ride...
  17. ole4

    fox street scamp gas tank wanted

    looking for a fox tank for the street scamp frame. Either painted or chrome is OK. Thanks, Ole
  18. N

    1971 Rupp roadster 2 with street legal regi

    1971 Rupp Roadster 2 Mini Bike Street Legal | eBay
  19. BGW, street legal, tri-rod, engine

    BGW, street legal, tri-rod, engine