212 hemi mod questions

i have a 212 hemi with a few mods done to it but seem like it not performing right.. could it be to much cam?

part list:
no governor
arc .020 rod
arc ultra lite flywheel
isky .310 cam 108LSA
i have tried 26lbs and 37lb springs
flatslide carb
ported head
.010 head gasket

also what do the LSA mean on cam? trying to build a topend bike!
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What isky grind is it? Do you know the duration? If head was ported what size valves are you using. If you put in a .020 rod what is your in the hole measurement or pop out. Stock .040 head gasket? What does not performing right mean as it is rather ambiguous. Give us something to work with like it does not rev above xx rpm or it hesitates on full throttle or backfires or no low end.
no i have a different gasket for head it's real thin. never did a in the hole measurement as this is my first build really don't know how to get those measurements. piston sit flush at top. ... it's Grind: #119 Dration: 246


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the Hemi's are not not friendly to valve lift over .300" Did you have the spring pockets machined? Coil bind and bent pushrods are the results
I'm thinking like CarPlay (that's scary ) possible spring coil bind, maybe bent push rods and if the piston is setting flush with the top of the block and a .010 head gasket was used...maybe bent valves . :shrug: