1. B

    Stock hemi predictor first mod

    Hi guys , Got some time to play. Like to add a few things to my Duddle bug . I got a stock hemi preidtor and got some time to play around. What would be the first mods to do on her? Any suggestions
  2. M

    Brake mod or upgrade

    Hey guys ..i would like to know is there a disc brake upgrade or mod that can be done to my mini bike rear brake to get rid of the pedal to tire brake ? It's an El Tigre and there is barely any space between tire and frame...
  3. DeadPixel

    My first mod.

    Decided to try some cheep mods on the old motor before I swap in the built motor. I am still in need of parts for the new motor anyways. My first budget mod is a Brigs&Stratton big block air filter swap. I still need to get a real performance air filter and adapter and thought I would try this...
  4. B

    212 hemi mod questions

    hey, i have a 212 hemi with a few mods done to it but seem like it not performing right.. could it be to much cam? part list: no governor arc .020 rod arc ultra lite flywheel isky .310 cam 108LSA i have tried 26lbs and 37lb springs flatslide carb ported head .010 head gasket also what do...
  5. L

    what mod should I do next? black mamba build

    predator 212cc rtc-6 cylinder head with 27mm intake 25mm exhaust valves stock automotive style retainers 26lb valve springs with .060 shims on intake and exhaust sides stock rods stock rockers billet rod +.020" hemi flat top piston .010" head gasket ngk spark plug billet flywheel 32...
  6. Magnetman

    Manco Thunderbird disc brake mod

    Anyone tried to add a moped front wheel with disc brake to their Thunderbird? That's one of the mods I have on my Mind after salvaging one this week from a moped.
  7. Stitch

    CT200U Finished with 212cc upgrades - Nice exhaust mod

    Well, it's 99% finished. Got the TAV mounted with a frame mod. I still have to wrap the exhaust. I bought the OldMiniBikes 1" go kart exhaust with screw on muffler for Predator 212cc. Great deal! I just...
  8. C

    Preditor tank mod

    Hi all, Wanted to share mod I did to use preditor tank in stock location with Mikuni. In order to run inline filter and ensure gravity flow I raised tank a little.
  9. V

    Old style seat mod.

    Converted my trail use newer style doodlebug to the older flat seat. If you have a welder and a toarch or map gas/propane toarch its not hard takes an hour. The bent seat looks cool but hurt my ass on long rides. Cut the weld at the rear frame mountswhere they go verticle at the back hoop, if...
  10. V

    Arco chopper 3 resto mod.

    Got this bike as just a frame with the other 2 arco choppers I bought and I'm chopping this one up so a full size adult can fit on it. Plans are stretching it 5 inches. Get rid of the sparkle banana seat since it hurts my ass. New foot pegs, engine plate, swing arm and shock mounts. The forks...
  11. M

    1968 Rupp TT500 Resto Mod

    Hi folks new here but not new to tinkering. Have really enjoyed looking at what everyone is doing and I'm fully aware what i will be doing is considered a crime by many. I picked this up to restore but quickly found out it far too expensive to properly restore, so its going to be a resto-mod...
  12. BBQJOE

    Chain tensioner mod

    There's nothing I hate more than...well there's a lot of things I guess I hate more, but I really hate a sloppy chain. Not only can it be dangerous, it also robs power and does other things. In my case for some damned reason, the chain won't stay adjusted. No matter how tight I get...
  13. BBQJOE

    BBQJOE's Seat Mod

    Being as there's no rear suspension, the need for a bit better ride became apparent. First, I removed the seat and the two other nuts, including the big rubber chunk. Then I fabbed up this bracket to fit over the bolts that protrude. I found a few of these compression...
  14. BBQJOE

    Has anyone done a foot brake mod?

    After riding a motorcycle for some years, I still find my right foot wanting to control the rear brakes. Even though the brake lever is where a clutch should be, my left foot still tries for gears every now and then too. So how hard would a right foot rear brake mod be? I have yet to find a kit.
  15. FirePowerMinis

    Lawn Boy Mod Build

    I have several 141cc Dura Force engines and plan to do a stocker and a mod version. Several kart/mini installs have been done, by others, so I want to push their potential a bit. I have a M-Series that I'm saving for the wild version. Pic is of an F/V base but same reeds as a DF. I see it as a...
  16. Hec In Omaha

    Resto Mod 81' Honda C-70

    All, I know its not technically a mini bike but I thought I would share some pics of my 81' Honda C-70. Mod's include ditching the stock turn signals and installing OEM early model C7-70 turn signals. I cut off the rear turn signal posts and welded the holes up then had the tail light...
  17. W

    Help with mod from OldMiniBikes for Predator Engine

    Predator 212cc Box Stock Parts Kit Filter Fuel Pump Top Plate..can someone give me some direction with this kit, mainly the fuel pump, I'm new to messing with these and need some help with installing this kit. Thanks, James
  18. Biffmini

    HS50 mod info wanted

    I'm looking to educate myself on HS50 mods. Any ideas on books, sites with good detailed info, or OldMiniBikes threads that would help me learn!!! I've read a few threads and the ones I've found so far are a bit vague, for my level of knowledge. I know there's plenty of help here, I just don't want to...
  19. CJdoodlebug90

    40 series torque converter on a tav2 mounting plate????????

    I have a 212 with around 15hp and im going to run a 40 series torque converter setup but... They dont come with a mounting plate, they run by jackshaft. Would it be possible to mount 40 series on a tav2 plate or is there a reason the dont come with one? Or.. Could i modify a tav2 to hold up...
  20. WrenchDad

    modern or vintage mod ?

    The guy said he bought it new in July but I dont recognize it as any of the modern mini's on the market. The frame has some vintage features. I wondered if it had been a vintage bike that was modified and labeled as some thing new on CL. He Only wants $150 for it that's why I'm questioning it as...