3.5 HP coil on 5.0 HP ????

Is it possible to use a brand new coil off a 3.5 tech motor vertigle shaft, on my 5.0 tech horizontal shaft motor? I'm not even sure if they even look the same. The very shaft rotor tiller was given to me because the tiller part was frozen stuck! The man said he just replaced the coil and carb rebuilt last summer when the tiller diff froze up. He then stuck it in his garage covered up until he gave it to me. I added fuel and it runs as it should! I just have no use for a very shaft motor! All I own are go carts and more no bikes. Thanks for your help in advance!


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only if you use a 3hp flywheel and coil adapter..the 3hp coil has a wider bolt pattern and the arc on the bottom is different than a 5hp since the 3hp has a smaller diameter flywheel.
My op says I only own go carts and more, no bikes! Suppose to say, go carts and mini bikes! Either I'm getting old or my computer is, most likely both! None the less, thanks for the response! Not sure what you mean by coil adapter. Guess I'll just take it apart and see for myself. Would be nice if I could use 3.5 parts on my 5.0 since the 5.0 needs both the coil and carb if I could use that also, thanks again!!


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this one example of a coil adapter from Riekens Racing..this lowers the coil down when using the smaller diameter flywheel on a 5hp.. JRCB3.jpg
Some people go above and be on, 125 CD is some one goes way be on! Nothing in it for him but he is there almost instantly, just waiting to reply with an answer! More people in this world like him are needed,NOW!!!! Really appreciate your response. Looks like I'm just going to pick up coil and carb from eBay, seem cheap enough to me, hope there 1/2 way decent! At about $20. A crack I'm holding I can't go to wrong! Thanks again! Now I'm looking wildly into this wheelbarrow thing, have an extra 3 wheeler frame that rolls and..................!!