Added updated pics to my Rides if anyone is interested...

Added new pics of my Rocket Cycle, Jet Cycle, Frijole, Gilson, Cat, and Added my Bonanza BC1200 since they all got restored. Rocket, Jet and Frijole waiting on seats from Kenny.

red baron

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The general lee bike is a bit lets say "politically incorrect" lol. Seriously that's a fantastic collection! If you ever run out of space I will make space for the taco's or any of them actually. Thanks for sharing
Well my little girl grew up on Dukes of Hazzard, we have all the seasons on disc. She's almost 10 now, but her routine between 5 and 7 years old was every night we had to watch one or 2 episodes when I got home from work. She's seen them all at least 2 times. Nobody can say a bad word about the family that owned that car, and certainly a better example than any family on TV the last b30 years. I do have black family members, friends, and customers and love them dearly, so before I started this project, I got the blessing from one of my facebook buddies who is a black guy who's a Cat Minibike nut. He was stoked and said he may copy me lol. BTW, can't take credit on the idea though, because another member here built one years ago and Kenny did that seat as well. Needless to say, it won't get ridden just anywhere lol.