ARC Chain Guard/Heat Shield

Chain Guard/Heat Shield for BSP, Clone, and GX200

I bought this just last week. I really didn't want to buy it, but had to put something in my basket to reach ARC's minimum purchase amount. I thought I might like it, but it's too bulky for my taste. In pictures 1 and 2 are faint lines I drew in to show where I did some cutting/grinding because my chain was touching those spots when I had it installed. The outlines I drew show what was cut off. This is a nice heavy duty piece for added safety.

ARC sells them brand new for $20.00
I'll take $12+shipping. Paypal only.

someone may want that wacky fin. I don't have that much patience. Nor do I like the look of 'hacked' parts on my bike.
I'd rather have one of these, so if anyone has one in good shape, i'll take a trade on one as or black preferred.


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agreed, nice bike. i like the front wheel set up. but realy the only thing i like about the gaurd is the welds, i wish my welds could look like that, but im also not a pro. welder:doah: good luck with your sale:thumbsup: and how do your neighbors like your mini, do you get any thumbs up or just the 1 finger?