ARC Ulra lite Billet Flywheel

I have Less than 30 miles on it. I will trade for a nice straight billet flywheel for a Hemi or Sell this for $100 shipped save ya $30 some bucks...... also I have a motorized bicycle so I don't post a lot here. But I get all my technical info here!

Ultra-Light SFI Certified Billet Aluminum Flywheel for the Harbor Freight Predator Hemi Weighs 1.75 LBS Stock Diameter, Lightest Flywheel Available. This flywheel is made from same quality materials and with the same attention to detail and reliability that has come to be expected from ARC.

For optimum performance we recommend running with a balanced rotating assembly. You will need to put a few washers between the coil and the engine to center the coil over the magnet. Set coil gap at least .030" IMPORTANT If you want to use cooling fins with this flywheel, you will need to buy part number DJ-1175. The fins that come on the Harbor Freight engine will not fit properly. Minimum .030" air gap. Now featuring 8 degrees timing advance built into the keyway. 32 degrees BTDC