Benelli Dynamo and Hurricane

Hey everyone! I just picked up a Benelli Dynamo (1973) and a Hurricane (1971) out of a barn for $250. They are in pretty decent shape and very complete, but they don't run. They do turn over though. I'm looking for direction on where to get carb rebuild kits. Also, I'm not getting any spark from either bike though the spark plugs look good. Suggestions?


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I have a few 2 cycle shifter mini's. The best advise I can offer is that it takes a bit of time searching ebay, the internet going to events and talking to others that share the interest in your brand. You have to create your own network. Where they are fun they are not as popular as the vintage 4 cycle mini's. I am sure others will chime in.


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currently the best place to look for parts unfortunatly seems to be Ebay. Cosmo went out and they did it in stages, their stock was a mess and stuff got auctioned off in random lots. and some other companies that did buy up large lots (like Domi racer) went Kaput as well and that stuff got auctioned off as far as I know :doah:

I would suggest snatching up the parts breakdown books if you see them for the hurricane and the dynamo, as alot of times certain parts are just listed with the part numbers not what they are for.... the sellers that just bought out auction lots don't know what half the stuff they bought is.

another important thing on these is the tail light bulb needs to be in place for the bike to run, it sort of completes the circut so if its bad or not there no spark. so along with cleaning the points etc., clean the wiring grounds/connections and the bulb and socket.

I have a Hurricane, I have been collecting NOS parts for it but I have not touched it in years. Its currently stashed away up at my mothers home along with a couple bins full of parts under a workbench for a rainy day
Thanks for the advice! I'll clean the points and take a look at the wiring and make sure everything is grounded the next time I'm home from college. Also, that's a great looking hurricane you have markus!