Bonanza BC 1200-1300 Frame and Fork: NICE


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Very nice BC1200-1300 frame, front fork (upper and lowers) and swing arm

All sandblasted and primed.

Frame is near perfect from what I can tell. Looks to have no cracks, welds, bends, repairs etc etc. Wish they were all this nice.

Front fork upper is missing the nut that should be affixed to the underside of the center piece for the bolt. Very nice otherwise. No badge.

Swing arm is missing the small vertical tab on one side for the chain adjustment eye bolt. Nice otherwise. Have the original shaft and new bushings.

Lowers for front fork are complete and original with some staining of the chrome. Very good. Straight as they come.

Have other Bonanza priorities so thought someone else could build a nice bike with this start.

I will try to get some pics on here later tonight. In the meantime please PM with email address for pictures.

Asking $400 for all plus shipping.


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I've included the rear shocks which are very nice originals and the front fork bolt with a nut.

$400 plus shipping for all.