1. P

    Wanted scrub brake setup for manco yard kart

    Hi everybody! I recently found and bought back my childhood go kart. The rear section behind the seat is completely butchered. I’m planning on restoring it back to original. Does anyone have a scrub brake setup they would sell? I’ll attach some pictures of what I’m looking for. Thanks!!
  2. M

    Ruttman Spyder Originality Questions (~1977)

    Hello, New here. I'm an amateur, beginning to restore a Ruttman Spyder with my grandson. I believe it to be very original. Serial number is 35313. The white Tecumseh HS50 serial number points to a build date in May, 1977. Bike is a long-frame, in black; 4-spoke 6" Ruttman alloy wheels; seat is...
  3. jbonez

    Mini Bike Frame

    Hey Guys, Seeing if anyone in the Metro Detroit area has a mini bike frame for sale, wanting to build one from the ground up so just looking for the frame only. Looking for one in the style of the Coleman CT200U-EX.
  4. J

    Does Anyone know what kind of frame this is?

    Hi I just bought this mini bike but have no idea who made it any help would be great.
  5. S

    5hp briggs and 1969 bird questions

    I have a project ive been working on lately its a 1969 duck bird. I just recently got a old 5hp flathead briggs that I was super exited to use as its engine as ive really only used predators before and I thought it would be perfect for my vintage project. It was kinda a fast thing I saw the...
  6. S

    1969 Bird Mini Bike Forks And Questions.

    I have a 1969 Bird Mini Bike and that i'm restoring and I have some questions. The way that i got it in the forks are definitely not the way they should be they looked chopped and there are weird tubes welded to it and basically I need a new fork for the bike. I cant find a fork that is the same...
  7. 20200516_172333.jpg


  8. 20200502_152033.jpg


    Minibike frame jig
  9. 20200502_152007.jpg


    Minibike frame jig
  10. 20200221_175625.jpg


    New tubes minibikeframe arrived
  11. gwoods27

    WTB Trail Horse full suspension frame

    Looking for a Trail Horse full suspension roller or full minibike.
  12. Bad_Betty13

    Vintage mini-chopper frame

    It breaks my heart, but i'm selling my vintage mini chopper frame. I haven't done anything with it yet, and it could probably go to someone that is going restore it or build a cool kustom with it. The previous owner wrapped some parts in black electrical tape as seen in the photos. I peeled a...
  13. 20190418_201939.jpg


    View of bottom of seat tacked on frame.
  14. 20190418_201400.jpg


    fitting seat on frame
  15. 20190330_164716.jpg


    Frame tube bending
  16. 5hp twister

    5hp twister

    5 hp twister
  17. 5hp twister

    5hp twister

    5 hp twister
  18. S

    What kind of trike frame is this?

  19. A

    El Burro Frame dimensions?

    Could I trouble someone to take some frame measurements from their El Burro for me, I'm going to build a copy and it would be nice to have a jumping off point. I was originally going to replicate and started a Trapper frame but changed my mind as I like the Sand N Sno better. I guess the more...
  20. B

    WTB suspension Trailhorse frame

    Figured I'd see if any one out there has a suspension Trailhorse frame..I have 2 non suspension frame I was going to try and convert