bouncing chain

Newbie here. I got a great deal on a non-running Manco Thunderbird. Cleaned the carb and the motor runs perfectly. The clutch was shot, so I replaced it with what looks like a cheapie from the local lawn mower shop. It is working OK, except the chain seems to bounce a lot when under power. I thought I had the chain tension right, maybe a little tight. My chainsaw chain gets loose when it gets warm, so I have the bike set kind of tight. I am not totally convinced the clutch has the right teeth for my chain, and wonder if that might be causing the bounce. Any help appreciated.


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The chain is probably old and sticky in parts, making like 5-10 links essentially one hard link. That mixed with a tight setting might make it do that. I would clean the chain and run it loose for a while so you dont break it. Better yet, buy a new chain.. they dont last forever.