Can anyone tell how old this Briggs might be.

old shed finds

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Dang dude its late 40s to 50s other side should have the kick start..
You want to put it on mini bike?
I don't mean to blow your load but most of these were cast iron and 1hp
Made to operate Maytag washers.
Those motors are so cool. I got one hell of a shock from one i garbage picked in like 1972, it was like the reel mowers one.....I never touched that part again on purpose.
Here are a couple of links that might help to pin down the build date. I hope that your engine still has the ID tag. Using this, I was able to date the model 5S engine on my Cooper Clipper lawn mower to 1949-1957. I'm not sure how to get closer than that. It still runs like a champ, BTW.

Cast Iron B&S ID

Vintage B&S ID
I just picked up a 5S engine, exact same as yours has the pulley and all. I just dated mine to April 1955. More detailed info on serials here,
Briggs & Stratton Manufacturing Date Listing