Canadian toys, Big Brute & Little Brute bikes

905 area code indicates Toronto.

I suspect they are more of a modified Chinese kit minibike thats customized than a true Canadian built machine.

Its just so easy to buy stuff from China.
Case in point a few years ago I was going to import a couple of containers of small Chinese trucks.
I had negotiated with the factory for just a cab and front clip on a frame...
Bodies in white.....

I had intenstions of putiing the drive train from some Toyota 70 series light trucks under them and selling them as a low cost alternative to the 70 series for use in underground mines.

New truck bodies and frames without the chinese junk under them were only 1100.
The Chinese manufacturer was delighted with the idea of their truck being adapted to this ( first North American bulk import ).

But the world blew up that fall and I decided not to spend my money after ther rescession started.

Went looking for picture and they don;t make them anymore.
The thing was an ugly little machine that looked like a scaled down commie military truck.
Gives you an idea who fast they have gone upscale and adpated that now they make trucks that are familiar ( and sell for peanuts )

Anyhow my point is Chinese factories will make and sell you just about anything you want and the products have gone upscale enough to look like they were custom made here.

Look up JAC truck clone of ford F150.
So close its scary
I agree, that JAC clone of the F150 is so close you can barely tell, not to mention this little chev colorad rip off they did as well.

Sorry for the high jack.

As for the Brute bikes, I've never heard of them before, that one with the v-twin must go.