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I need to buy some #35 chain. I have read everything I can find and it seems the RLV Gold on Gold is the best chain to buy. I am looking for opinions on this chain. Any reason not to use the Gold on Gold? I have heard good and bad about master links. Should I run a master link or should I use a chain breaker to join the chain? I really don't want to do this but once. Thanks for the help. Doug
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Never had an issue with a quality chain's master link...the cheaper stuff? YUUP! I stay away from that now!

I have been using "EK" chain lately with good results. They have a silver/black chain that will keep out of the old guy, gold chain set! The RLV is a quality chain as well and I have used it with good results as well. If you want gold, you cannot go wrong with RLV!
Run QUALITY chain and use a master link. My son has # 35 RLV on one of his bikes and it has worked great. Just a "head's up about RLV- The master link is a different size (width) than a "standard" #35 chain master link, which will not work on the RLV. I would recommend purchasing an extra one as you will not find a RLV master link in any "walk-in" stores when you need it on a Saturday afternoon.
Well I guess old habits dye hard...I always use gold on gold and never use a master link...this was from the days of racing go karts and no room for error. I seen a guy in the staging lanes one night as they were just starting to go out on the track, he popped the gas on his kart and his chain fell off..:eek:hmy:.he was madder than a hornet...and I never used master links again....but thats just me .