Cold Weather Starting?

At what temps does your little mini call it quits?

All the way to 7 degrees i took my CT200U with its china motor. I was very impressed with the little critter, in warm weather it starts with 3 pulls, at 7 degrees (cold as it got here) it took 7. Once it cranked it didn't quit though..

This one has 93 octane non eth in it with a touch of Lucas treatment for good measure. How well does yours work in the cold?


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I have a 6.5 harbor freight grayhound(the old blue ones) on a old toro snohound snowblower....A lil' snort of carb cleaner in the airbox and even at 6 degs below zero it only takes two pulls and fires right up...just running winterblend Michigan gas....Scootercat....
My reliable Tecumseh HS50 on my snowblower starts no problem in the lovely -10 to -15 below Chicago weather.. My minibikes sleep through winter.. Haha.
On my Bad Dog, the 10hp Tecumseh on there needs about a minute on choke in cold weather, maybe 10-15 seconds in warm. My 212s start right up regardless of the temp.