Coleman ct200u running issue

So I am having a lot of trouble running my Coleman ct200u mini bike. It had been running perfectly fine until a couple of days ago when I put new gas in it and went for a ride. When I got to the top of a hill and stopped giving it throttle it shut off and wouldn’t start up again. I have since replaced the carburetor, put a new air filter on, and replaced the spark plug. Now I can start it by pulling the cord very hard but it idles very very low and then shuts off. I have given it throttle when I start it but it won’t go full power at all. I have changed the oil, checked the kill switch, messed with the idle screw for about an hour, checked the spark plug (am getting a spark), and clean the carburetor 3 times. I can’t find anything to help me on YouTube so if anyone has any tips or suggestions I will be very grateful. 43C7AB26-8061-41A0-ACE5-F616AD10132C.jpeg