Correct colors for Aggies 98 ?

Hello all, please check my pic listed in the king o lawn. does this Aggie 98 look like it has been painted? Or are the colors orginal? This was a rescue from the metal scrappers near my work. Thanks
Looks like yours was from combining a couple of them. What color is under the sticker? From my research they were Competition orange and blue. Though I notice a lot of them were painted that might be a correct color also.
Thanks! Haven't looked under sticker. Was just looking at Aggies race cars and there is red and blue and white consistently used. Even saw one with the same blue. Will post as the build goes..
Welcome...and let us know what color you find under the decal. Here is a pic of the one I am rebuilding for the build off. It was competition orange under the front decal.
Got a chance to check sticker and plate, it appears to be chrome. I also was able to disassemble the rear wheel and found competition Orange under the brake drum. That seems to match the lower frame/swing arm. How are the lower frame rails mounted to the uprights? Somebody welded both sides so no pivot now! Thanks.
Chrome eh? I have seen that before also. It would be nice if a Aggie Guru popped up on here. I can grab some pics of of that tomorrow and post them for you. I could explain it...but a pic says a thousand words.