1. FunWithStuff

    Cat Switch Plate?

    I have recently found this while searching trough some parts. It is a Cat Switch Plate that I have been searching for to put on my JCPenney's Cat Duster MX mini bike. Previously, I had been wanting to buy one for the bike because I thought it was lost, but I had trouble finding one online. Does...
  2. B

    1" throttle with metal tube

    Looking for a 1" throttle with a metal tube my plastic one just isn't holding up. Thanks
  3. BWL

    Motor Running, Squeaky Noises, Metal Shavings Found This motor ain't running right. If you have the time watch the video to see what I mean. Any ideas?
  4. D

    WTB: Baja 200 metal fenders

    Hello, I need a set of metal fenders for the Baja 200. I am doing a custom build and plastic fenders will just not work for what I need to do. You can have my black plastic fenders if you want them. thanks --- Kent
  5. D

    Metal fender ?

    Does anyone know if there are any metal fenders that would fit the Baja 200 ? thanks --- Dog
  6. gumpit

    Cutting metal.

    I have been making gussets and cutting spacers and pretty much cutting most of my metal with a sawzall or cutoff wheel. Some is 1/4" thick. What is everyone using to get straight cuts when cutting stuff? I am debating on what to get next. Band saw? Plasma cutter(but probably not)? Chop saw...

    WTB Warrior MB 165 metal fenders

    Guys I am looking for 2 sets of early Warrior metal fenders for the MB 165 series bikes. We are building 2 at the same time and 1 of them is entered in the build off. I will take sets, fronts, backs, damaged or undamaged. What have you got. Thanks for looking. Doug
  8. 1stBxMopar

    Tecumseh Metal Half Tank

    Tecumseh metal half tank in nice original condition. With brackets and correct cap-(says gasoline only). No dents, inside is not rusty but could use a cleaning.. $85..Shipped........paypal only
  9. atg8s

    Twisted metal member since 2013.. first time enter build off...

    First time entering. Build off have 2 entry.....This alt to be fun
  10. topnotch

    Bonanza MX metal fenders

    I'm looking for pair of Bonanza MX Metal fenders.
  11. jdogg

    Happy Birthday metal man!!

    :happybday: Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Robert!! :happybday:
  12. 125ccCrazy

    Harrison Wildcat metal fenders

    Original metal fenders. Blasted, primed and ready for paint.. $80 plus shipping Pics coming
  13. Peekster

    Tecumseh metal tank

    Here is a nice metal tank with mounts. Clean inside $35 plus shipping
  14. U

    I found a Flexo in the metal pile at the dump!

    I got a tip from a friend the other day about a mini bike frame sitting in the metal pile at the dump. As soon as I got the message I sped down there and found this gem just sitting among the heap of broken grills, mowers, and random junk. It looks rough but the frame is very solid and rolls...
  15. 125ccCrazy

    1 gallon Tec metal gas tank

    no major damage or rust, a small ding or two I can work with... metal tank preferred, if it's plastic it has to be white and bright.
  16. David wulf

    Bonanza metal chain guard repop

    For sale is a metal replica of a bonanza BC 1300 chain guard or similar models . Made of 16 gauge steel , you can stand on it . These are steel will need to be painted or chromed . Price 100.00 plus shipping
  17. Not so mini bike

    Tecumseh H50/60 metal gas tank and brackets

    Gas tank is in good shape. 2 small dents on top one in front. No leaks. New double stick rubber on back with paper on. No rust inside. Nic and clean. Sand and repaint and you're good to go. 2 piece bracket fits h50 and h60. $45 shipped
  18. KustomKartKid

    Vintage "CAT" Purple Metal Flake Helmet

    I've had this helmet sitting on a shelf for years. Was probably for an Artic CAT snowmobile but you could look cool riding your Artic Cat or CAT mini bike with it. Or just take the stickers off. Excellent condition inside and out...complete inner liner is fully intact and clean. Looks like it...
  19. J

    Indian or Italjet mini, mini front & rear fenders. Inidan = metal Italjet = plastic

    Hello, Does anyone have a set of front & rear fenders for the Indian mm5a Mini, mini (metal) and/or for the Italjet mm5b mini, mini (plastic) ?? Please let us know.. Thank you..
  20. S

    Cryogenic metal treatment

    Does anyone have any experience with this? I was thinking that it would be a good way to strengthen flywheel and rod for engines that have no aftermarket parts. Maybe it could be used to safely get a couple thousand rpms from a engine.It doesn't look to be cost prohibitive considering the...