CT200u street ride

..street ride took few weeks ago..stock gx200 clone.. shorty hot dog muffler,air filter.. governor removed,inverted 10t clutch 68t rear sprocket.tablet used on belly a bit choppy..Thanks for watching :smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u29Q1VTHtco[/url]. Unwatchable on tablet it seems :no: ok on desktop :shrug:
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Hey Raskin would be a good idea to replace some parts so you don't break the motor. Flywheel and rod for sure and a good idea to replace the springs. Bike looks better now with the mods you got though. Just picked up a GX160 aluminum flywheel for $40 the other day new plus shipping. Its lighter, safer and has more timing than the stock unit and about the cheapest flywheel you can get that will hold up to the higher RPMs. I think the aluminum flywheel is about 2 LBs lighter than stock and has about 4-5* more timing so should see a little more power from it. As far as rods go I don't know if there is a cheep alternative or not. ACR is the only place I know that makes a stronger rod than stock. I do see some places sell a heavy duty cast aluminum rod for about $10 but don't know any thing about it. After that, upgrading your springs to some 18# springs should allow you to get a few more RPMs out of the motor safely. Bike looks good so far. I hope to get one of these late this year if I am lucky.